Today we´ve received a wonderful visit. We were hoping to listen to a boring story about United Kingdom, and its costumes, but we did have fun with Karli´s talk.
She´s kind and funny. We could understand what she told us about UK. We discovered the meaning of UK´s flag: The Union Jack), and we learned a little of geography with her description of England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.
As a curiosity, she explained why in United Kingdom they have to drive on the left; many of us thought the answer was: ¨Because yes, they want to contradict us ¨ But there´s a reason, a costume which started many years ago. Most of the soldiers were right-handed, so they had to  ride their horse on the left if they wanted to kill enemies.
She made us laugh because she told jokes and in this way, she caught our attention and participation. Also, she prepared a game similar to “Who wants to be a millonaire?”. Pamela didn´t know the answer to the question so she decided to use the wild card call. Karli surprised us calling her mum, who helped Pamela to chose the correct answer.
In short, we won´t forget this original moment thanks to Karli. We´re really happy and grateful and we hope to repeat it soon.

Claudia Guadalupe Toledo

Acerca de José Ángel

Licenciado en Filología Inglesa, Universidad de Salamanca. Profesor de inglés desde 1990. Actualmente profesor en Colegio Salesiano María Auxiliadora.
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