Rephrasing: Indefinite Pronouns


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words.

1.- There was nothing I could do.

I couldn’t ____________________.

2.- I know mary better than anyone.

No one __________________

3.- No one was on time yesterday.

Everyone  __________________

4.- I haven’t got any homework.

I’ve got ____________________ to do.

5.- There’s something I’d like to ask you.

May I ____________________?

6.- We’re all tea drinkers here!

Everybody  ____________________ tea.

7.- When I phoned, there was no reply.

No one _______________________

8.- Are we going to be driven there?

Is ___________________________________?

9.- I make new friends wherever I go.

Everywhere ___________________________.

10.- You had a call this afternoon.

Someone _____________________________.

11.- The box isn’t empty.

There _________________________.

12.- All the people were dancing.

Everyone ________________________.

13.- I feel worried.

Something _____________________.

14.- We haven’t got any food.

We have got ___________________.

15.- The office is empty.

There _____________________ in the office.

16.- Susan and Sarah are very popular.

____________________ Susan and Sarah.

17.- I can’t find a place to park my van.

There is _____________________.

18.- Michael knows this town better than anyone.

_________________ this town better than Michael.

19.- Nothing could be done to rescue the crew.

Nobody ____________________ to reascue the crew.

20.- I’d like to buy a nice thing.

I’d like to buy ______________________.

21.- A person’s car is blocking me

_____________________ is blocking me.

22.- No exciting things ever happen here.

___________________ exciting happens here.

23.- We know the opinions of all the people.

We know ___________________.

24.- Let’s go to another place, shall we?

Let’s ___________________ else, shall we?

25.- My sister has got a different thing to tell us.

My sister has _________________ to tell us.

26.- All the things I’ve told you are confidential

________________ I told you is confidential.

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