Mega Quiz (Semana Cultural Lenguas Extranjeras)

Mega Quiz

1.- Where does Queen Elizabeth live when she is in London?

2.- Who is Prince Charles married to?

3.- What’s the capital city of Northern Ireland?

4.- Who is Queen Elizabeth’s husband?

5.- What’s the national flower of Wales?

6.- How many grandchildren has Queen Elizabeth got?

7.- What is the most famous shop in London?

8.- What colour are London’s famous buses?

9.- What is New Zealand’s National Day called?

10.- What’s the capital city of Wales?

11- What time do soldiers change the guard at Buckinghan Palace?

12.- When was the Great Fire of London?

13.- Who wrote Hamlet?

14.- Where is Ian Thorpe from?

15.- Who lives at 10 Downing Street?

16.- What’s the national flower of Scotland?

17.- What is Big Ben?

18.- What’s the other name for the underground in London?

19.- Apart from English, what other language do people speak in


20.- Where is “the Serpentine”?

21.- Who is Ireland’s patron saint?

22.- What is Stonehenge?

23.- Who is Gollum?

24.- Where is Jack London from?

25.- What’s the capital city of New Zealand?

26.- Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

27.- What is the highest mountain in the UK?

28.- Who was the first president of the United States?

29.- What is the longest river in the UK?

30.- What is London’s oldest building?

31.- Who invented Coca Cola?

32.- What’s the name of the flag of the UK?

33.- What countries make up the UK?

34.- The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were written by ______

35.- What’s the capital city of Scotland?

36.- What’s the national flower of England?

37.- How many wives did Henry VIII have?

38.- What’s the oldest university in the UK?

39.- What’s the capital city of England?

40.- Who is Homer married to?

41.- What do people celebrate on the 31st of October?

42.- Old Trafford is the home of ___________.

43.- When do people celebrate Bonfire Night?

44.- Who is Wales’s patron saint?

45.- Where are U2 from?

46.- What is a “kilt”?

47.- Who sang “Yellow Submarine”?

48.- Which river goes through the centre of Dublin?

49.- Who is Scotland’s patron saint?

50.- What’s the slang word for television?

51.- What did Hurricane Katrina do in 2005?

52.- Where does Mickey Mouse  live?

53.- When did the original Globe Theatre open?

54.- What is New Zealand’s national rugby team called?

55.- How many players are there in a cricket team?

56.- If you want to visit the Book of Kells, where do you have to go?

57.- What does “thnx” mean’

58.- Who is the current president of the USA?

59.- What is Loch Ness monster called?

60.- Who is England’s patron saint?

61.- How long is the Mississipi River?

62.- What big change happened in Ireland in 1801?

63.- When do people celebrate St Valentine’s Day?

64.- Who is the Head of the Church of England?

65.- When do Scotsmen usually wear their national dress?

66.- Which famous tennis tournament is played in June?

67.- What is the National British Anthem?

68.- At what age do children start school in Britain?

69.- What is the British currency?

70.- David Copperfield and Oliver Twist were written by  _______.

71.- Who was Prime Minister of Britain during World War II?

72.- What was the Roman name for Britain?

73.- When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

74.- When did Martin Luther King win the Nobel Peace Prize?

75.- Where do the Simpsons live?

76.- What is a “gap year”?

77.- Where can you see the Statue of Liberty?

78.- Who brought an English army to Ireland in 1649?

79.- Who was Te Rauparaha?

80.- What does “cul8r” mean?

81.- Where does the President of the USA live?

82.- What’s the highest mountain in New Zealand?

83.- How many stairs do you have to go up to reach the top of the Big


84.- What do British people do on the 1st of April?

85.- Who is Mr. Bean’s best friend?

86.- When did the Republic of Ireland become independent?

87.- Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were

written by _____________

88.- What’s the film capital of the USA?

89.- What British character has license to kill?

90.- What did Sir Edmund Hilary do to be famous?

91.- Where did the 2000 Summer Olympic Games take place?

92.- What is “haggis”?

93.- Who is probably the most famous detective ever?

94.- What kind of animals run in the Grand National?

95.- What city did Princess Diana die in?

96.- Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?

97.- What is the most popular pet in the UK?

98.- What does “clan “ mean?

99.- Why do we call people from New Zealand “kiwies”?

100.- Who guard the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London? ?

101.- How many days are there in Lent ?

102.- What was the old name for the goddess of spring ?

103.- What do people in the UK  eat on the day before Ash

Wednesday ?

104.- When do people in the UK eat hot cross buns ?

105.- What’s the american word for trousers?

106.- What’s the british word for diaper?

107.- What’s the american word for rubber?

108.- What colour are the taxis in London?

109.- How are people from Glasgow called?

110.- What is Scotland’s third-largest city?

111.- What’s the most famous bird in New Zealand?

112.- When do Americans celebrate Father’s Day?

113.- When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

114.- What does Queen Elizabeth do on Maundy Thursday?

115.- Why is the Yosemite National Park famous for?

116.- When did the Beatles split up?

117.-What is the highest mountain in Australia?

118.- How many milliliters are there in a pint?

119.- Who was the last anglo-saxon king of England?

120.- What was the name of the ship in which the Pilgrims Fathers sailed from Plymouth in 1620?

121.- When did James VI create the first Union Jack?

122.- What is it? The United Kingdom + Republic of Ireland + many small islands _____________

123.- Queen Elizabeth II knighted Paul McCartney in ________.

124.- How many boroughs are there in New York?

125.- When did Netty Honeyball start the first British Women’s Football Club?

126.- Who was crowned the first norman king of England?

127.- Where is Jonathan Swift buried?

128.- What’s the special name New Year’s Eve has in Scotland?

129.- What is the “first innings”?

130.- What does James Oliver do?

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