Do you think it’s OK to stereotype people by their appearance? Why / Why not?


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40 respuestas a Do you think it’s OK to stereotype people by their appearance? Why / Why not?

  1. Mario Benavente Iglesias dijo:

    I think that it isn´t OK to stereotype people by their appearance, because you don´t know how are the persons who are in front of you just seeing his clothes.
    For example: you can love metal music but you are not inside the urban tribe of heavy metal. Or you can adore dark clothes and rings and you don´t be emo.

    We usually stereotype people by the way they dress and we get them into a group with specific characteristics to identify those who can be our friends or those we can share hobbies with.
    It is a mistake because your appearance can coincide with your personality, or not, so you must know how is each person to put him on a group or tribe. And sometimes people can be annoying with some persons who seem something that they aren´t.
    For example: I hate goths and you like to wear dark clothes and i hate you only to wear dark clothes. That´s a problem.

    Each person is a world but it is a reality that your appearance can describe your personality. Stereotype close doors because you maybe talk only with persons who are on your own tribe. In my opinion stereotype is a bad idea in the XXI century, it is a old thought.

  2. María García Bautista. dijo:

    No, because i think that you can see the physical appearance someone and you think that is of a determinate way but when you meet this person prove of other way totally different. There are a lot of stereotypes, for example »the people who wear piercings or tattoos are a bad person» or »the people who wear different clothes are rare» and many others. In conclusion, I think thatappearances deceive.

  3. Pablo Gómez Puente dijo:

    I don’t think it’s ok to stereotype people by their appearance because each person is free to do and to wear what this person wants and we shouldn’t judge tema if we don’t speak to them before.
    So, I think before judging people we hace to know them.

  4. Raquel Argüello dijo:

    I disagree with this assertion. I think that the people wear according with their personality, their mood…
    Everyday someone is discriminated because of his look, if you wear tracksuits bottoms and rosary beads you are “cani”. If you wear black cloths, chains, black hair, black lipstick and black nail varnish you are goth.
    All this things are stereotyped ideas that people has but it isn´t a reason to say how the person is.
    No often the people aren´t how we think and a lot of times we don´t meet people really incredible.

  5. Ángel Gómez dijo:

    It isn´t ok because you don´t know the other person and you don´t know if under clothes there are lot of values and qualities. The apparence of a person is his likes, because maybe he likes piercings, tattos or black clothes but apparence isn´t his personality, because he can be a incredible person.
    Stereotype people will be one of the great problems of the world until that import more the eye´s color than skin´s color.

  6. Claudia Guadalupe dijo:

    Well, I think it isn´t, why? Because when you stereotype people by their appearance,you´re being so unfair.
    But, everybody has done this sometime, judge without knowing how a person is. Do you really believe in your intuition? Clothes don´t say anything about the personality, only it defines our likes and dislikes.
    I´m the first who say: “Look at her jacket, it´s uncool you know?”. But I will never say “I hate his clothes, he´s a bad person” Would you like you were this boy who I´m speaking?
    We can lose wonderful people when we discriminate them this way. I know it´s true that there are fashion styles eccentric and unusual but they musn´t label the person.
    Everyone merit be respect, but society loves prejudices, and gossip. Before opening one’s mouth, we should open our mind.

  7. Lucía García dijo:

    I´m disagree with stereotype people by their appearance. I think everyone can have the style that person wants. If you want wear eccentric you´re on your rignt. Everything can´t be loved by as. There are a lot of hairstyles, clothes that I hate, but I respect them. Many times we judge things that we haven´t to judge and we do that some people feel discriminated, and this is bad, we are free.
    For example when you are a singer´s fan you love his music, and it isn´t important how is his look. We must do the same when we met a person.
    We associate rare with ugly and we must understand that there are a lot of likes.

  8. Daniel Ruiz dijo:

    I think that is a bad idea that people judge to the rest of people for their appearance because people have a personal identity and appearance. Therefore each person have a different appearance or identity that other person and then, this person must not be influenced by others. So, people have to want be themselves, without regarding what other people or friends say.
    For example:
    A person who likes having big jewellery (rings and necklaces) also, this person likes have black clothes or black nail varnish but this person doesn’t like the hard rock or heavy metal music. With this example, you see that a person who likes have black clothes or big jewellery, in this example, this person don’t have to be a goth

  9. Lorena Cano Ruiz dijo:

    In my opinion, it is not right to stereotype a person by their appearance. Many people wear for fashion. For example a person who works in a bank, we are used to be dressed in a suit and tie and no street clothes or with tattoos and pircing because it gives a bad image. Today, we live in a society where we set earlier in the physical and clothing of people and we get an image that is not always correct. To know what a person must know it and not judge with the naked eye because appearances are often deceiving.

  10. Alejandra Zorrilla dijo:

    In my opinion I think that it is not okay to judge people by their appearance because the clothes you wear doesn’t define exactly who you are, and also, if you judge people by their appearance in many occasions you will be wrong.
    It’s true that in many cases people with the same likes and hobbies often dress the same way and have the same style, but there are others that wear that kind of clothes because they like them, without belonging to a particular band.
    For example: you can wear in black because you like that colour and it doesn’t mean that you are emo. You can also like having tattoos, dyed hair or piercings but you don’t have anything to do with heavies.
    All in all, I believe that you must get to know the person before you would be able to judge him or her, not judging them by the clothes, jewellery or colours that they use. Many people often judge by appearance and they are usually wrong.

  11. Pamela Ramos dijo:

    I think that it isn´t OK to stereotype by their appearance because
    a lot of people can wear the style that the want.
    People can a lot of things: Jewellery,piercing,tattos,badges…….etc
    But their personalities are very different sometimes.
    For example: If a person wear goth clothes and piercing or tattos ,he hasn´t got why a bad person or rarer person.

    In my opinion, if you want meet to his person,first
    you meet his personality and after you judge a these person.

  12. Ruby Sainz dijo:

    I`m totally disagree with the topic of stereotypes.

    Often, we complement our image, to describe our personality or style.
    Unfortunately, people very often discriminate these persons, calling them rare.

    For my point of view, don´t be afraid of what they could say of you, it´s something very brave.

    I think this a culture problem. ¿ Why it´s worse seen to be goth, or you like heavy metal, or be punk, that you like «spanish pop-rock»? because in each country, there are some things wich are more «common» than others.

    On the other hand, the Appearance of someone, can tell you tracks about his personality, because people treat tell you how is he, adorning his image with accesories wich describes his style or personality, but never will be sufficient to know how is he, and, of course, to criticize him.

  13. Jonathan dijo:

    No, of course. It isn´t ok to discriminate a person simply because he or she doesn´t like the same things that you. While you´re prejudging him or her, probably he or she is thinking: «Look that naff, he looks like a idiot». I would like believe that people aren´t so cruel but it´s the true. I have the impression that now the society are very picky, but also i´m convenced that however much we say, this will continue because although we negate it, to criticize is in our own nature. Well summarizing that I want to say is that however much you don´t like her or his shoes, t-shirt, trousers, style in general, you don´t have right to exclude a person.

  14. Marta Fernández dijo:

    I think that it isn’t OK to stereotype people by they appearance, beacuse they are free of show to the rest of the world who are them and what are they made from inside. I think people who judge others are the ones who don’t take care that they can wear what they want and not what people want to see. The clothes and accessories that we wear say who we are and sometimes if we are happy, sad, angry, … For example, if we are happy, we wear more colorful clothes, and if we are sad, we wear less colorful clothes, like black shirts. Sometimes people stereotype others for the urban tribes that they come from. For example, emos wear very extravagant and uncolorful clothes, and that usually goes with piercings, nail varnish, hairdye, … And more things that not everybody like. But I repeat that you don’t have to wear the clothes that other people like, you have to be yourself and use your personality. I’m going to finish writting about the people who wear dreadlocks. When you see someone with dreadlocks specially old people say thats is madness to wear the hair in blocks, and it is really that, but for example, in my case, I love dreadlocks, not in all the hair, but yes some of them. I’m going to give the example of Bob Marley. He was a very famous singer and he wore dreadlocks, beard and sideburns, and he was always respect by people who dind’t like that. If you don’t like someone, don’t look at him.

  15. I think that it isn’t OK although I do it. I don’t know why but it’s impossible to see a person and not to say something about him or her. I have to recognise it’s bad because everybody can wear what they want and it doesn’t mean that a person is bad or good. I never say anything bad about them but it’s certain that I think how that person is because for me the personality depends on the clothes which people wear. It’s a game for me but I don’t do it with a bad intention.

  16. Álvaro Gutiérrez Moroso dijo:

    I disagree with labeling a person’s physical appearance, but I think there are urban tribes as punks, goths, hippies … which are distinguished by the way they invest. In conclusion, we should not judge anyone without knowing it, because we may be confused at our discretion.

  17. Rubén Méndez dijo:

    I reckon that to stereotype people by their appearance is an error because it can be a good person, intelligent, interesting…
    If you judge a person without met him you are being unfair. A north American proverb say “Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, THEN maybe you´ll understand why l do what I do, then don’t judge me.”
    There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are as they are, think about that before you judge anyone.

  18. Raúl Argos dijo:

    I think it’s not right to stereotype people. Each person is free to dress as you like and they don´t judge him. Although they wears clothes that we don´t like, it doesn´t mean they are bad people. The physical isn´t important, when there are a good person.
    Stereotype people by appearance is a characteristic that should be disappearing because it is old mind.
    That is if you do not want to stereotypeto shouldn´t do to others.

  19. Maribel Cuesta dijo:

    I don’t think you have the right to judge anybody by the way the dress or how they «decorate» their bodies, with tatoos, piercings and other stuff, but, being honest, i’m the first one who sometimes criticizes someone by their appearance even if i try not to do it. But i think is almost imposible to always be polite and think the best of everyone.

    In my opinion clothes can be a way to express yourself, your personality and some days your mood, but is not faire to include all the people who dress with some clohtes in a group, for example if someone wears a black t-shirt of their favourite band you can not automatically say he or she is a punk, probably a rebel and loves going aganist the rules, or, because a girl dresses in pink she is preppy and «stupid» and she doesn’t like the same group as the punk one, because you might be wrong.

    All in all, always dress the way you like and do what you love, and never judge a person before you get to know them, because in the end if is a nice person is what matters.

  20. ANA DIEGUEZ dijo:

    I think that these persons are trying looking for their look. They think that if wear like the photo,they are more cool or with more personality bur I´m sure that these persons can have some problems. In this case,They are so good with themselves and the rest of opinions aren´t important.
    According to clothes,the people can express about their sentiments or hobbies,I like it,also I do this.
    We must acknowledge that the persons of the photo are so daring for this hair dye or dreadlocks because this fashion can last so much time with this.
    I wonder whether the people that wear with this gear and this style they will wear all life.

  21. Aitor Aguirre dijo:

    In my opinion I think it is wrong to judge people by their appearance. Clothing can be a way to express feelings, such as Gothic. The dreadlocks can be traditional in their country or because he likes. Tattoos are a form of expression for many people, there are countries where it is tradition to marry wear a tattoo, it can also be because I love tattoos.
    Many people criticized about their appearance and sometimes people think you are crazy or that are dangerous, it is the way to express them or what they like to wear.

  22. Irene Castillo dijo:

    I think that it is not ok to judge people by their appearance because you don’t know how is that person. Probably, I’m the first who criticize their appearance but sometimes I adore their appearance, for example, people who wear tatoos, piercings, dilatations and hair dye. Really, I love it. But hardly anyone look inside of people, for example, at the work, almost always, they’re look at the appearance and it’s unfair. Sometimes we always criticize this because I think that we’re afraid of this. I guess that we’re afraid because we think that they will do damage and it isn’t. It’s possible that one person who you thinks that is horrible in its appearance is a person who could help you to much.

  23. Sergio Rozas dijo:

    It isn`t always true that a person can be different for his clothes or for his life style. Generally speaking people can be mistaken or her when they think that a person is different because he wears a determined way of dressing and most cases they are mistaken.
    Now days youngs and olds look at the clothes, complements, jewerlly, etc.
    So in this way people usually judge them before, for their clothes instead of trying to meet them. Each style can have a different way of life, companies, etc.
    From my point of view a person isn´t what he wears his behavionr his character may be very different. Many people wear plain clothes, because they aren´t interested it fashion, but they expensive clothes and a hight life style, i think that we shouldn´t judge anyone for the way they dress.

  24. Sara Crespo dijo:

    on the one hand I think it’s okay because it shows your personality as your tastes eres.muestras your character as you are so indirecta.pero by some people dare not show their identity by what people say because everyone is free dress as you like do not like people say. and «When you do not like it do not look»

  25. Carmen Gutiérrez dijo:

    In my opinión, it isn’t correct to stereotype people by their appearance but still we do. You shouldn’t judge anyone for their style or for the clothes that they wear, because everybody have got their personality and if you judge someone by their apearance you often go wrong because not always the clothes that you wear define exactly your personality. In conclusion you should be careful with the things that you say because not everything that you think is ok, and this can hurt someone.

  26. Aroa Cotoré dijo:

    I disagree. I think that it isn´t OK to stereotype people by their appearance, because I musn’t to juzgue the people if we don’t know them.We are wrong and we damage the feelings of people.
    For example the teenagers say lies about other children and they are juzged unjust.
    But… We aren’t look inside at person and we look the appearance.

  27. Pablo Cobo dijo:

    I think everyone has their way of life and during his life has a number of preferences in influencing their dress, hairstyle, or hobbies, and nobody should judge their customs.
    In life there are many examples, there are people who at first seems popular and very nice, but it does not take long to realize that good people are found within, and not by their physical appearance.

  28. Alejandro Tamargo dijo:

    It isn´t ok, In my opinion, you shouldn´t judge anybody for his appearance but everybody thinks something of someone at first appearance.
    you can judge to someone for how is he when you meet him for his personality, his feelings or something like that, everybody is free to dress something that he likes, if someone likes to wear dark clothes, it doesn´t mean that is gothic. But sometimes you express your personality, wearing clothes that you like, with tattos, with accesories, hairstyle… and many more.

  29. Carla Tejerina Ruiz dijo:

    In my opinion, to stereotype someone by their appearance is so wrong, I can’t deny I’ve done it but I try not to. You can judge if you like a person’s style or not, but what you can’t definitely do is to judge his or her personality, I think this happens a lot, and in the end, we all miss to know people that can be great, just because their style or their music taste is different than our own. We need to learn that every person has its own likes and we have to respect that, and never underestimate anyone because of that.

  30. Marta dijo:

    In my opinion I believe that this badly to judge the people for his way of dressing. For example: » You Go for the street and you see a person who is dressed is black and already you think or that is Gothic or punk » My opinion is that it is necessary to know the interior of all the persons because the physicist is deceptive

  31. No, it isn´t good because people sholudn´t judge others who aren´t like them. People who judge others pretend they something they are not with their clothes and their way of acting.

    So stereotyping other people isn´t good because you can be judged by others as well and you probably won´t like it

  32. José David González Rincón dijo:

    I think that the idea of stereotype people by their appearance it´s totally wrong because, why a person that loves a style of music or clothes must be inside of a urban tribe?. Normally the urban tribes are considered or are following a determined culture and the life of these people is totally dedicated at this «culture». So, I don´t understand why criticize for a simple appearance, because in my personal case, I listen and love rap and reggae dancehall and my style it’s totally different from a person dedicated to it called «underground» or Rastafarian Reggae. The people should think and know before talk.

  33. Adrian Revilla dijo:

    In my opinion I think that it isn´t ok to stereotype people by their appearance, because you don´t know about the person. You must know the personality to hudge. Clothes say anything about the personality of the peolple? Probably he or she have a style but maybe not related to personality. You can’t discriminate someone for the apearance, hairstyle, clothes, likes and dislikes…I’m disagree with people who sterotype a person before meet him. In conclusion you should be good person and to respect the people styles.

  34. María González dijo:

    I completely disagree with that, because you can think that her/his clothes are weird and you can hate the way he/she dresses but what you can’t do (or at least you shouldn’t) is to say that this person is bad or frightening or «freak» just because of her/ his clothes!
    And the truth is when you do that you’re may losing a really really great person. I know sometimes it’s hard not judge people, but we should try. And maybe at the end you end up with a lot of friends with different styles and hobbies but with one thing in common. Your friendship. Just think about that, I think we all have to.

  35. Lucía Fernández 4ºA dijo:

    Stereotypes is the term used for physical or psychological characteristics attributed to a particular group. Generally, stereotypes are used to discriminate against people. Stereotypes should be respected in our society. Now, there are many stereotypes associated with social class, age, religion and sex. In my opinion, I think that you can’t judge someone by their appearance. if you want to talk about a person, you should know her.

  36. Hugo García dijo:

    I think, the people can have a lot of opinions on your personality, dress, your hobbies,etc; but the only important opinion is yours.
    The most important is to feel good , and people stereotype some cultures or subcultures because apparently are simple fashion ,but if you like some urban tribe , any stereotype should make you change your opinion

  37. In my opinion stereotype people by their appearance it’s a mistake. A lot of people usually don’t do it with bad intensions and it’s necesary stop to think before give an opinion about someone.
    The clothes of a individual are something personal, and you can’t judge them because you dont know why they choose it. It’s the same if we talk about tatoos, piercings or hair styles.
    On the other hand people usually choose their clothes depending of the moods and if you’re sad and you wear black clothes that doesn’t means that you are gothic.
    however sometimes people wants to join to urban groups,and they feel identified with them, in this case it’s ok, THEY CHOOSE and that’s the important thing.
    My advice don’t judge other people without knowing them because they might surprise you and clothes not always are the reflection of the personality, and never change your style because of other’s opinion.

  38. Marina Allende dijo:

    In my opinion judge by apporiance, is bad. Fhirst you must meet the person and they you may judge him a differn style and he isn´n worse than you because he dosen´t have the same way of dressing.
    I like piercing but when a person a make piercings everywhere on. Their bodies nose tommy and ears. I don´t like it. A lot of person don´t make a piercing because they are afraid it hurts. Or because they don´t like it. They are also people who have piercing all around their body.
    I like people who have hair dye and some day i would like to do it myself. I think some people don´t have got a good hair dye or it dosen´t suit them. What i don´t like is dreakdlocks because i think they are dirty. There are people who have tattoes too eyen all around their bodies. I think just one or two tattoes are enough.

  39. Lydia Uriarte dijo:

    To stereotype people by their appearance isn’t ok at all. A lot of people judge other people because of their looks,they just see their hair,which is probably dyed,how they talk or walk or how they normally dress and start judging them. You can’t do that before even talking to that person because they may look weird for you but maybe if you knew that girl or that boy you would like him/her and become friends.Before saying bad things about someone you should talk to that person and try to know how his/her personality is instead of judging his/her by his/her appearance.But most people do it because they are too superficial.

  40. Carolina Cortale dijo:

    In my opinion, to stereotype people just by their appearance it’s completely wrong. And I think we all know that, but the big problem about this, is that we don’t know how powerful can words be and how much pain we can do to someone we may not know. We all have stereotyped someone in our lives, and we know it’s not right but sometimes we do it like it’s a regular thing.
    When we do this, we don’t realize that maybe there’s somebody similar to you behind their clothes, or maybe is someone who needs help and you can make them happy. But we are always judging people just by their looks and what we don’t know it’s all the things we may be losing and the people we’re not knowing just because of this big problem in our society.

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