Is it good for people to have pets? Why / Why not?

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39 respuestas a Is it good for people to have pets? Why / Why not?

  1. Ana Sainz dijo:

    I’m reckon that it’s good, because if you feel lonely a pet can make company and it can be a wonderful friend but for other part if you aren’t responsible, you shouldn’t have a pet because it entails a responsibility. So to coclude have a pet can make you feel good.

  2. Blanca Sierra dijo:

    Yes, it is. It should be good for old people who are alone or young people who have to be more responsible. They can make you feel better and happier.
    On the other hand, it´s very important to look after the pets and don´t forget to give them their food or water. If you can´t do this you shouldn´t have pets.

  3. Marta Palomino dijo:

    I think it’s good to have a pet. They can make you feel good if you live alone specially if you are old, in fact they can help you in many things, for example if you are blind there are special dogs to guide you or if you are sad, pets can help you to be happy.
    Pets also help children to be more responsable, but sometimes they just want an animal to have fun, so pets are only a whim.
    Recently, I heard on the radio that Spain is the second country in Europe where people abandon more pets, because some people only want an animal because they are cute, so when they have a trip and they don’t know what to do whit their pets, the most comfortable decision is to leave them in a village or on a road.
    In my opinion, you should know that a pet is big responsability and you have to be sure before you buy one.

  4. Esperanza luque dijo:

    From my point of view I think it’s good to have pets above all for the elderly because having a pet can keep them company. Pets also benefit disabled people to develop their senses and communication as well as provide them with affection. Finally, pets are good for children because by taking care of them they learn to be responsible.

  5. Marina Río dijo:

    From my point of view, having pets could make you happy.
    If you want to have pets, you should be responsible and affectionate. You also have to look after them for example, you have to give them a bath when they’re dirty or give them a reward when they behave well. If you have a dog, it will know when you’re sad. Futhermore, it will try to make you happy.
    Nevertheless, you shouldn’t travel because you have to find a hotel that support pets and it will be an important problem.
    As a result, I recommend you to think about having a pet. It’s a good present for Christmas.

  6. Laura Saiz dijo:

    On the one hand I feel that pets are good because some people live alone and they want company. They can make you happier and more responsible. Children who grow up in homes with pets have less risk of developing common allergies.
    On the other hand it isn’t good because people must look after of it. Pets cannot decide when they want to drink or eat, where to sleep or how to live, so someone who has a pet or someone who wants a pet has to be responsible. Another negative point is when one goes on holidays. If you go abroad or far of home you have to bring your pet with you or leave your pet with a friend or with a neighbour. That is a limitation on your plans.
    All of this leads me to the conclusion than having a pet is an important decision which must be thought very well. You must be responsible.

  7. Elsa dijo:

    In my opinion I think that it´s good to have pets overcoat for older people because maybe they feel alone, for example their daughters are older and they dont live at home and the pets are very good for company,specifically dogs and cats.
    I think that have pets is a responsibility,from my point of view if you want a pet you must look after them and think very well if you will be boring with the pet.It´s important because a lot of people abandon them.You have to be sure to have one.

  8. Judith Toca dijo:

    Yes of course, but it’s so important that you know how to look after them and also you have to consider all the pros and cons. I think that having pets is good for all people, specially if you’re old or disabled. They can help you and make you feel accompanied, which is so important if you’re alone or depressed. But it doesn’t mind how old you are. Pets are also perfect for young people. When you’re a child you can learn to aprecciate more things and be responsible. In summary i recommend you to have pets.

  9. Paula Gómez dijo:

    I think it’s good to have a pet because it makes you more responsable and the children who have pets learn to respect the animals. It’s good also for old people who live lonely because animals makes you feel in company.So in my opinion we all should have a pet

  10. I think that is good for the people have a pet because it´s a type of distraction and they sometimes can make you fun when you are in a bad moment. And also if you have childrens they are good for them because they can become friends. Finally pets are good for people that have a disability because sometimes pets can help that people making company to them. All pets are good and if one of them is aggressive or bad is our guilt becouse we teach them to do that

  11. Marina Castillo dijo:

    I totally believe that having a pet is wonderful for people. Pets, animals, have a lot of love to give to us and they can build up a very strong connection to their owners. It involves being a responsible person too, so having a pet can help people to develop that value.
    I also think that pets are not just pets, they’re our friends somehow, they help us to feel better, happier and besides quite needed.
    In summary, having a pet is for sure good for people, but I’m not that sure about if it is as good for some animals to be owned by a person.

  12. Sofía dijo:

    In my opinion having pets is usually good for people, for example handicap people need animals to help them in their everyday life. Also people who doesn’t have family or friends, their pets are good company for them.
    But sometimes people only buy them because it’s fashionable or because of caprice and then when they can’t take care of them they decide to kill or drop out them. There are some ONG that take the abandoned animals and help them.
    Some people also need to keep care of their animals when they are in public places because they usually let them alone and some people can be afraid or allergic of them, and in some cases if the animal is dangerous they can attack humans.

  13. Sergio García dijo:

    I think it’s good to have pets because they give happiness to the house for example if there are children in the house.
    Pets are very beautiful when they are young but as they grow and become large,people and do not like because they are not as pretty or small,they are old and ugly.
    Pets should be treated as a person,and you have to care for them.
    Pets are the best friend you can have.

  14. laura dijo:

    In my opinion have pets is very good because you can play with they every day, pets are very cute and when you feel alone you can play with they and they could make you happier. But in the other hand if you have pets you must look after they.
    In conclusion have pets are good.

  15. Irene Rodriguez Blanco dijo:

    i think that the pets are a great company, they are something with what to amuse it.self and something to what to take care. They are a great company and often they can be your best friends. It is expensive and difficult to support to a pet but I believe that it costs a sorrow only for the simple fact of having something to what to protect and to take care

  16. César Masides dijo:

    I think pets can make you feel better, but just when you can have it. Because some people buy it for get fun for few days, then they get bored about them and left it at the street.
    Well, sometimes people buy exotic animals, not pets, thinking they are, but don’t. For example monkeys or like the football player, Balloteli, who has a pig like a pet.
    So finally i think have pets depends of the person that you are or your economic situation.

  17. I think having pets it´s good because in this way you don´t feel alone and you have company. It depends of the person who want a pet. I think that there are more people who have pets than people alone. It’s more common to have pets in big houses than in flats. I like them because you play and train them; also when you’re eating and you don’t like the meal you can give them without your parents know it, like dogs. On the other hand I disagree because some pets are very expensive but it depends the animal you want and the person who has certain money. For some people they’re a toy so they enjoy a few days and the rest the pets are an obstacle and people sell or abandon in the street. Finally they don’t treat them how they should.

  18. Hector San Emeterio dijo:

    I believe that animals are good for people because each animal has characteristics that can help us

  19. Álvaro Challco dijo:

    First of all, i think to have pets to get involved in your life manage to balance your humor, feelings such as loneliness decrease, , gladden the life of the childrens, pets helps parents to feel more relaxed, decrease the feeling of loneliness, support disabled, we become more human : the care and love to animals do we show more empathy and positive attitudes to them , and so we learn how to act with the same way with people.

  20. Lucia Lozano 4°C dijo:

    Yes. I think it’s good because for people who lost someone or feel bad or alone, pets are good company for these people.

  21. Jorge Benito Iglesias dijo:

    I think that is better have a pet because if you like animals you can adopt a lot of animals for example: hamsters, rabbits or turtles, and the animals can give you company when you are sad. And you can play with your pet, but sometimes pets are bad because they ignore you.

  22. Nicoleta Crivitchi dijo:

    Yes of course, pets are very useful like medicine treatments like fishes, donkeys and bees, but in the same way usual pets like dogs and cats help with the negative feelings, they can do people be more positive and sociable.The treaments with pets are very effective and relaxing.

  23. Carmen Pascual dijo:

    In my opinion, people who have pets become more possitive and more friendly.
    Pets bring a sence rutine for our daily lives and they may become your best friends.
    But pets shoudn´t be treatment as living beings. Also they have to be fed and looked often carefully.
    I think that buying a pet for christmas or for a birthday present might not be a good idea because pets are a big responsability

  24. Cristina Alvarado 4ºC dijo:

    Yes. I think that it is good for people to have animals because the animals affect of positive form for example if you are alone the animal do company and they rise your morality.

  25. Alberto Revilla dijo:

    Depends of the person. For example if a person is lonely or angry I think those people should buy an animal because animals are very good and make you company, but if a person doesnt like animals they shouldnt buy them because they arent toys.
    I think the best company for a person is the animal because if you give love him they give you too but there is a problem because when your animal die people are very sad and feel bad. finally an animal is to play and be happy wiht him

  26. Álvaro Antolín dijo:

    Yes, of course. I think that it is really good for people, and in my opinion, it is too much important to a young person than an older person because if you have a pet, you have a really important responsabilty and if you’re sad, you can play with your pet and it make you happier.

  27. Rubén Martínez 4ºA dijo:

    I think some people should have a pet because many of them can come to love them as a member of their  family.
    But sometimes, if the owner works hard and does not have enough time to spend, it is better not to have it.
    A pet is able to cheer you when you’re sad, in some cases improves health, makes you laugh …

  28. Raúl Minondo 4ºA dijo:

    In my point of view pets are an obligation and this can help you to organize. You can spend a good time with their. I have got a lot of pets in the village, and I love all of them. Pets are good for lonely people because they do company.

  29. Mario Musy dijo:

    I think that’s right, Because pets are animals that make you company all the time.
    There are pets which like to play and you’re not going to be bored with them, like dogs.
    Other pets play less, but the most important thing is that you have fun with them. I have a parakeet, and I enjoy, play and have fun with him.
    One disadvantage is that if you have a pet, you have to be aware of it. If you don’t have time enough, you shouldn’t have one.

  30. Iñigo García dijo:

    It is depends on the person, there are persons who prefer the company of one pets because they can make them happier, because they them take fondness and they like to play with them.
    But there are persons who are a lot of time out of house or working and they is better that they don´t have a pet since they can´t be attentive of her because they do not have time.
    I think that I don´t like very much the pets because they give a lot of work and take you time to do other things.

  31. Daniel Salas dijo:

    Yes. I think to have animals have a lot of positive things. When people have an animal they have a responsibility with it and they forget his daily problems for a time. They have to take them for a walk, give them their food, … Many times when animals´ behaviour is calm and happy it helps to their owners to get happier and feel better. I think animals are absolutely good for old people who live alone. And in fact, children who are in contact with animals since their childhood when they´re older they don´t have allergies.

  32. SARA AJA dijo:

    From my point o view, animals are a great prevention drugs.
    They make you hapy uf you´re depressed or sad, and they help you in every way they know.
    The childen know how to love and take care of animals, and thet´s a really inportant things!

  33. Adrián Celis dijo:

    Yes, I think it’s good for people have a pet for several reasons. One of this reasons is that they understand you for example if you are sadness the dogs feel your own feeling and they give you affect to try to make you better. Other reason is that you have the responsibility of care your pet and that make you change to be more responsible and change your lifestyle because have a pet give you a daily routine for care your pet. Another reason and, in my opinion, I think that this reason is the most important, is that pets makes you happy because is a friend that you always have with you and they also can help you with depression and offers companionship if you live alone or if you feel loneliness.
    To finish, I recommend have a pets for all people because is good for your health, your life and because make you happy

  34. christian98 dijo:

    Hi, I’m agree about have pets, some people feel alone and the bought some animals to feel less alone, for the other hand, people with mental problems can be cured by the company of those animals but people who leave their pets should be punished.

  35. Lucia 4ºA dijo:

    In my opinion have pets is very good for the health because you can play with animals, pets are very confortable and when you feel alone you can go with your pet for example: to the beach, you can play… are very good. But in the other hand if you have pets you need have a lot of things for they.
    In conclusion have pets are very good, but for other people the animal aren’t good.

  36. Andrés González dijo:

    In my opinion have pets is good because you will improve your responsibility. It also helps you to spend time playing with the animals and be very satisfied. Walking the pet, It helps you because you also you move and also it’s good because you meet people on walks and you do friendships.
    Finally I think that having pets is great.

  37. Rubén Sánchez dijo:

    Hi, on the one hand, to have pets is good because they make you happy while you are playing with them. On the other hand, they are a huge responsibility becouse they need eat, they need care and they need have friends all the time. I would like to have a pet if I had enough time for being with her.

  38. Pablo Martínez 4ºA dijo:

    I love the pets because they are nice and they make company. I prefer the cats, they are very clean and they are independence. My uncle’s cat is Misifu. It’s a beautifull siames cat, Is very funny. She plays whith me and she sleep on my bed.

  39. Álvaro gutiérrez dijo:

    I think that have a pet is good and bad.
    Advantage is that pets are good company when we are alone also are good company for old people. For the childrens are very fun because they play and make exersice with their pets. For example a dog protect our house when we arent at home
    disadvantages of pets is that we spend money on food, chlotes, toys also the pets can bite.

    I like animals but i think that pets give us a lot of work.

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