A family holiday experience


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  1. my trip to irland dijo:

    My trip to Ireland

    I have travelled to Ireland last July on my Summer holidays.
    I’ve been there for a month learning English at Bandom Grammar School.
    The school was annoying. Teachers let us play!
    Every day the school organized school trips to different cities.
    In my free time I’ve also visited lot of villages and castles. Ireland castles are enormous and fascinating!
    When I arrived I have found quite embarrassing talking in English. I didn’t want any misunderstandings.
    I really love Ireland and its people but I didn’t like the food at all.
    I’ve learnt lot of English and Irish culture.

  2. Kenneth dijo:

    I´ve visited Madrid with my family one year ago. We were in my brother´s house for one week because it´s too small for six people. We visited all Madrid, and it was so fascinating because even though I´m in Spain since 2006 I only visited Madrid two times: This and a trip with my school, and on the trip with my school I didn´t see a lot of Madrid. One day, we went to the Puerta del Sol and there a smurf suddenly hugged me, it was very embarrasing but I took a photo with him because when I see the photo I think It´s very amusing and I´ve learned to be positive.

  3. María dijo:

    I went to France with my parents and my sister last year. It was a fantastic travel. We visited lots of beautiful places. The best place we visited in my opinion was Disney it was amazing! We didn´t know how to speak French but we didn´t have lot of misunderstandings. Sometimes when we wanted to explain something we tried to tell that with gestures, it was very funny, but also a bit embarrassing. When we came back to Spain I told my parents that we must learn some words or expressions in the language that speaks the people of the place that we are going to travel for explain or make some questions.

  4. Catalin dijo:

    This summer I went to Moldavia and I stayed there for a few weeks .
    There I had to speak Moldavian when I met friends or when I spoke with my family . It was very difficult for me because I haven`t return to Moldavia since 2012 .
    When I met friends sometimes I had to use some gesture to explain things because I`ve forgotten some words . It was very embarrasing . My friends found it amusing and they burst out laughing at me .
    Also It was confusing because there was some misunderstandings . I used some words that they didn`t understand .
    When I return to Spain I`ve been practising Moldavian with my parents and I`ve read a lot of Moldavian books to improve my vocabulary .

  5. Marco Gómez dijo:

    I talk about my family holiday, In Rome:
    I went to Italy about six years old, I travel to Italy by plane, it´s a very good experience because I saw the Roman circus.
    I went to the Roman circus, The amphitheater, the ancient roman city, the Baticano,…I had never seen anything like that, it was amazing and I took a lot of pictures.My father asked the hotel staff lots of questions,my parents understood better than me the Italians.The TV it’s in italian,but it is understood more or less. I saw Daffy Duck and bugs bunny. My parents were so happy to see how much I enjoyed it. After a long afternoon, we went to Uno’s Pizzeria where I had the best pizza of the world.It´was. It wouldn’t have been the best vacations if my parents wouldn’t take me to the amphitheater. I’m learned many amazing things.

  6. francisco dijo:

    I talk about my family holiday, in Punta Cana:
    Punta Cana is in Dominican Republic, this holiday was very relaxing. I went when i was seven.
    It was my first time in plane i was very nervous and i was scared also was a long time in the plane
    when we landed the first went to the hotel for settle, the hotel was enormous, i was surprised then we went to the dining room because we were hungry then we went to the spa that was awesome and very relaxing.I love the food it was delicious. My favourite day was when my family and mi visited the zoo because i never seen the other animal that was a dog, a cat, or a penguin… in this zoo i seen a lot of animals for example: lions, monkeys, parrots, seals also I bathe with my father with sharks oh i fear pass but also was exciting.
    This holidays was very important for me because they were the last with my father. The true it was impressive

  7. Alejandro dijo:

    Six months ago, I went to Portugal with my family, we went to Lisbon and Porto for a few days. Before the trip, I had to learn some words in Portuguese. This experience happened the first day in Lisbon.
    We caught the underground in the center, to Benfica’s stadium, at the underground station we went in other direction that all people went. We seen the stadium, but to went we needed to cross the road, we crossed it but when we crossed there was another road, and there aren’t things to cross to the stadium. We asked Portuguese people, but we weren’t understood nothing, and it was confusing. We returned to the station and we went in the other direction that we went before, and we could see the door to enter in the stadium.
    Since that, I’ve learned that sometimes is better to follow to the people.

  8. Ángel Pinedo dijo:

    I went to Tenerife 5 years ago with my cousin and my uncles.It was the best travel of my life because i known a bit different culture and a different climate. here we were in a too comfortable hotel that we had breakfast and dinner all that we wanted. the hotal have got three swimming pols, a mini golf, a tennis court and more… Here we visited a lot of beaches, restaurnts, shopps and a more but the two thinghs that liked me more were the Loro Parque, a park with animals, shows, attracktions, etc. And the Siam Park, a water park with the longest, highest… attractions of europe, here I enjoyed a lot…

    I didn’t do any misundertandings because the lenguage is the same and the culture is similar.Of this experience i,ve learned a lot of things but the better one is, all we are the sime althought the color, the religion, the culture… because in Tenerife tthere are white, black, christian, muslim people, etc…

  9. Alfonso dijo:

    At Christmas holidays three years ago, my mum and I went to New York and we spent there one week.
    Once we arrived at the airport we went to the hotel, but the receptionist told us that our room had alredy been booked. My mum tried to convince him that she had done the reservation, but in spite of my mum’s attempt we couldn’t achieve a room.
    I was too confused because it was freezing and I didn’t know where we could stay. Fortunately, my mum has a friend who lives in New York. She called him and he invited us to go to his place.

    Since then, I have learned that it is very important to save your contacts and ask for help when ever you need. Now I love travelling to different cities and countries and making new friends everywhere.

  10. Carlota Palomino González dijo:

    2 years ago I went to Austria with my family. It happened the first day. We were at the Prater, an amusement park, when I saw a cool fairground attraction. I went to see it, and when I looked backward my family wasn´t there! I looked for them but I didn´t find them. I started crying and people came and talked to me, but I didn´t understand them because I didn´t speak German. I was really frightening. 5 minutes later my family came and they started laughing. I didn´t understand why they were laughing, but in that moment was when I realized that it was a joke! I was furious, but then we had a good laugh. Since that moment, I´ve never separated of my family on a trip.

  11. Laura dijo:

    Last summer I went to Sicilia (Italy) with my family.Exactly we stayed in Catania but we visited all the island.The second day we took a boat and we traveled to Volcano´s island.Into the boat I fell down because I stumbled with a chair.It was very embarrassing!!! All the people looked me and my sister has laugh a lot. My face was like a tomatoe. I will never forget this moment.Now I think it was very fun.But at the moment I only wanted cry. Righ now the only thing that worries me is getting onto a boat without falling over and checking the chairs.

  12. Juan Gil dijo:

    Last summer I went to France with my family.
    First, we went to Futurescope near Poitiers. There, we stayed for two days and we slept in a hotel next to the park. It was set about Jules Verne and the floor was painted like the sky and the ceiling like the sea. Futuroscope was amazing and we really enjoyed it.
    After those txo days, we went to poitiers to meet my cousin that is leaving there.
    The next day we travelled to Cancale a village next to the sea and we ate its famous oysters, they were delicius. We stayed there for four days more and we visited lots os fascinating places like Moint Saint-Michelle, old castles and the beach of the Normandy landings.
    They were the better summer holidays in my life but we didn’t know much French so we musted to communicated by gestures. We had lots of misunderstandings but the bigger was how to say “undercooked meat” because in each place they said it different, it was crazy.

  13. Nuria dijo:

    I remember one of my first family holidays for many years. I was four years old when I went with my family and friends journey to the campsite ruiloba.
    One of the things I liked most were the nights of shows in which theater to kids, talents shows and night games.
    I remember that one of the things I liked to do was bike races, swimming pool and slept in bunks.
    For me be there was confusing because i felt that i was in a paradise.
    At all times I found myself comfortable.
    It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have lived and I will never forget.

  14. Martina dijo:

    In 2009 I went to Palma de Mallorca with my familiy, Palma de Mallorca is an island that is in Spain in the Mediterraen sea , we were in Mallorca 4 days we visited lots of beautiful places, we went a one beach butinstead of sand there were stones, so I didn´t liked.
    Mallora is very beautiful, there was a lot of people.
    We were in we were in the northern part, we were in Mallora capital, Stoller and Maldemossa.
    In Stoller there is a very famous train , Stoller is nice and big I liked it much more than Maldemossa.

  15. Javier dijo:

    In 2013 I went to Granada with my brother and his girlfriend. Granada is located in the south of Spain, in Andalucía. Was an amazing travel becouse Ihad a lot of attitude of know that city.
    I visited a lots of monuments as for example: La Alambra, Generalife, Monasterio de la Cartuja…
    Granada is a great tourist center because is very famous for the La Alambra.
    For my, the travel was very embarrassing because somes of this places didn´t liked and amazing boring.
    I laerned that I have to respect the places although i don´t like or they are boring.


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