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Licenciado en Filología Inglesa, Universidad de Salamanca. Profesor de inglés desde 1990. Actualmente profesor en Colegio Salesiano María Auxiliadora.
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  1. Inés dijo:

    Mireia Belmonte was born on 10th of November of 1990 in Barcelona. She started swimming with 4 years old because the doctor recommended it to her. She was competing in a swimming club in her village. After that, she was called to train in the Catalan swimming federation. At 16-18 years old, she was the junior freestyle world champion.With 21 years she was became the first in the Spanish championship again. On the 1st of August of 2012, she became the fifth Spanish swimmer in history to get a medal in the Olympic Games. She became the best Spanish Olympic swimmer. Over the years she continued to win medals. Two years ago she won the Olympic Games. Today she continues swimming and competing.
    Mireia is young middle-aged.She is medium height and well built.She is beautiful.She has mid length blonde hair.She has blue eyes.She hasn’t got glasses.She wears sports clothes and trainers.


    Adam Levine was born in California, raised by his parents Fred Levine and Patsy Noah. When he was young he liked to sing and juggle. Two years later he goes to the French Forest Camp where he met 3 friends who would form the band Maroon 5. They were called Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusik.
    He usually wears a t-shirt and a grey trousers.He buys his clothes at the Hollister shop in california.He is one of the best singers in the United States.

  3. Xiomara dijo:

    Joel Pimentel De León (February 28, 1999, 18 years old), from Hesperia, California, with Mexican ancestry, was introduced to La Banda, because thanks to his grandfather (now deceased) he had an interest in the field of singing. He was the third boy selected to be part of CNCO ; At first it took him a bit to communicate with the guys, even his followers considered him the most timid of the band, but Joel explained in interviews that it was because of his Spanish, since he did not know much. Currently he has improved his speech in this language and can communicate better. His parents are Patricia De León and Esteban Pimentel, he lives with his mom, dad, brothers, motivates his grandfather, his favorite color black and blue, his favorite Disney movie Toy Story, the fruit he likes the most is orange, his favorite Disney character Buzz Layer

  4. sara hernandez dijo:

    Emma Watson is daughter of two lawyers and she has a model brother called alex.
    She studied in the Brown university having lots of A in her exams and studied english language.
    Emma has been recognised like one of the best actress for the young public. She has done lots of films like Harry Potter, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the Bling Ring etc. She has also won lots of prizes.
    She did her first film at the age of eleven years old and she had this appearance.
    She was of medium height and well-built. She was a good-looking girl. Her hair was long wavy and brown.Her eyes were brown and She had freckles.

    Now she’s 27 years old and lots of people talk about her like one of the most popular and good-looking girls in hollywood. She is of medium height and well-built, just like before. I think she’s a really pretty women. Her hair is now long straight and a mix of brown and blonde hair. Her eyes still brown. She has her typical freckles. but she doesn’t have dimples.

    I personally like her clothes a lot, especially when she is in the red carpet.

    In this photo she’s wearing a white sweater, black skinny trousers and black boots. This is an informal look
    Another street style is this one. She has her blonde hair in a braid and she’s wearing a green and black t-shirt, skinny short blue jeans and long black boots.

    In this other photo she’s wearing a gold dress with a black belt and black high heels with platforms. Just the opposite to the look I mentioned before this is a formal look.

    In this last picture she has got a yellow long dress she had to wear for one of her last films, the beauty and the beast. This film was in the cinemas the 23th february 2017. This dress has been object of lots of good critics like “We know you didn’t weared this to the red carpet but you would shine like the sun if you did”

  5. Alba Monje dijo:

    March 15, 1982 in
    Madrid.Belonging to a family of artists, Malú was born surrounded by talent, art, music … She is the daughter of singer Pepe de Lucía, sister of José de Lucía, and niece of guitarist Paco de Lucía. She had Alejandro Sanz as the sponsor of exception, who wrote for her Apprentice, a subject that quickly became a hit.
    Malú’s nickname was given to him by his aunt Reyes when he was only two days old because he said the name was very long.5 6
    He began his career at age 15, in order to get rid of school classes. He started without great expectations in the world of music. However his first studio album Apprentice got three platinum albums in Spain. This album would suppose a long and successful path in music for Malú, both in Spain and in Latin America.
    He has been on stage since 1997, with eleven studio albums, five compilations and four direct ones, postulating himself as one of the most established Spanish pop artists. She is also one of the most awarded Spanish artists

    She is 36 years old.She is of medium height and well built.She is prety.She has got long wavy brown hair.she has got brown eyes

    In this photo malu come out with purple dress .Shoe wearing silver heels and it also has a silver necklace.

  6. Ana Monje dijo:

    She was born on the 26th March of 1985 in London, United Kingdom. She’s the daughter of the playwright Sharman MacDonald and the actor Will Knightley. He has a brother called Caleb, who is dedicated to the music’s world.

    Keira knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. With only 3 years old she asked her parents to hire an artistic representation, since she wanted to succeed on television.

    Her parents agreed to her choice, but they were always very stricts with her education.

    From the age of 6 she appeared on TV programs, debuting on the big screen with the character of Natasha Jordan in the British film Two Women (1994), directed by Moira Armstrong.

    She was chosen as the most glamorous movie actress by Glamor magazine in 2004, and in 2007 the most beautiful woman in Britain, according to the ITN television poll. She was on the cover of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan, which have included her on numerous occasions among the best dressed.

    Keira ranks second on the list of Britons under 30 years richer, with an estimated fortune of 30 million pounds. In the podium are also Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson.
    Keira Knightley is 32 years old. She is tall and well built . She’s beautiful. She has got long straight brown hair. She has got brown eyes.
    In this photo keria come out with a black dress and black heels and necklace with stones


    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on the 15th April, 1990, in Paris, France. She is an actress, a model and a britannic philanthropist. She is very famous for playing the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga.

    Her parents are Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. She lived in Paris until the age of 5. Her parents divorced and she moved to Oxford, England, with her mother. Before starting school, she was diagnosed with hyperactivity. She studied at Dragon School. At the age of 6, she began to have an interest in becoming an actress and she started studying at Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

    She participated in The Daidy Poetry Competition and she won the 1st prize with only 7 years. At the age of 9, she was chosen to play Hermione Granger. Her 1st appearance on screen was in December 2007. In addition, she dubbed some cartoon characters and she performed in many important films.

    She continued her studies at the Brown University and she began studying English Literature, but provisionally stopped her studies to finish the last Harry Potter film.

    Her career as a model began in 2009 with the Burberry Campaign. In 2011, she became the face of Lâncome. That same year, she accepted to pose for Mark Demsteader’s paintings. She demanded that the 10% of all the incomes to be donated to CAMFED (NGO that allows African girls to be part of an school environment). In 2012, she became her official ambassador.

    In 2013, she posed for a fund raising campaign to help an NGO focused on sustainability and the environment’s preservation.

    In 2013, she was declared Woman of the Year by the British magazine GQ. In 2014 she received the Best British Style award at the British Fashion Awards and that same year, the UN named her Ambassador of Good Will.

    She is 28 years old. She is tall and slim. She’s beautiful. She has long wavy brown hair and she has brown eyes. She has freckles.

    This photo is from the film “Beauty and the Beast”. In it, you can see Emma Watson dressed as Belle. She is in the ball room at Beast’s castle and she is ready to dance. This is the most beautiful, romantic scene in the film. She’s wearing a long yellow party dress and yellow heels. She’s wearing her hair down with a hairpin.

  8. Paula Alvarado dijo:

    Mireia Belmonte was born in Barcelona on 10th of November of 1990.
    She is one of the best swimmers.
    She started swimming with 4 years old by medical recommendation.
    What started as a medical recommendation became his favorite sport.
    She is such a good swimmer that she has played several times in the Olympic Games, something very difficult to achieve and had won the gold medal several times.

    The first time that Mireia played in the Olympics was with Beijing with 17 years in 2008, in the classification is 14, this shows that, as it was very small, it was very good to swim but needed to strive more to be the best.

    The second time, In London in 2008 Mireia became the fifth best swimmer in Spain in the Olympic Games, on August 3, 2012 she took the silver medal becoming the best Spanish Olympic swimmer.

    The third time she played in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Mireia achieved a historic triumph by becoming the first Olympic swimming champion after winning the gold medal on August 10. She also won the bronze medal.

    In this photo, Mireia is swimming in one of the occasions when she was in the Olympic Games.

    This is Mireia with her boyfriend Javier Hernanz.
    Mireia Belmonte is 27 years old. She is of medium height and slim. She is pretty.
    She has got mid-length straight fair hair. She has got blue eyes.She has got dimples but she hasn’t got a sacar.
    For swimming Mireia must wear a hat, glasses and a swimsuit.
    This is Mireia currently.

  9. Laura Aguirre dijo:

    I admire Jennifer Lopez because she is very beautiful and I love how she sings and acts.
    Jennifer Lynn Lopez (also known as Jennifer López or J. Lo) is an American singer, dancer, fashion designer and actress. She borned in 1969 the 24 of July. She began her career as a «Fly Girl» dancer on the 1990s TV series, In Living Color.
    She got her first lead role in the movie Selena, and she was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress.
    She was the second daughter of her Puerto Rican parents David Lopez and Guadalupe Rodríguez; she has got a younger sister named Lynda and an older sister called Leslie. Her father worked as a security guard and her mother was a teacher.
    When she was five, Jennifer started singing and dancing and when she was seven she traveled all over New York with her school. Her parents presented their daughter in some performances, in which Jennifer danced and sang.
    At school she did gymnastics and in her last year at the school, Jennifer got the role in My little Girl.
    Jennifer Lopez has starred in some films such as Anaconda, Out of Sight, and the romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan. Some of her most famous songs are «On the Floor», “Dance Again” and “Ain’t Your Mama”.
    In 2011, Jennifer Lopez was chosen by People magazine as the most beautiful woman in the world.
    In June of 2013 Jennifer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her work in the world of the music
    Jennifer Lopez sang the song of the 2014 soccer world cup in Brazil with Pitbull.
    Jennifer is middle-aged. She is tall and well-built. She is very beautiful. She has got long wavy brown hair. She has got brown eyes. She has got dimples but she hasn’t got freckles. She also has got a small nose.
    She is wearing a white t-shirt and a hair jacket. She’s wearing tight jeans and she’s wearing high platform shoes. She is not wearing a skirt.
    In this picture, Jennifer is wearing tight jeans and a white blouse. She is wearing high platform shoes. She is carrying a white coat.

  10. Sandra Aguado dijo:

    José Adeón Santos León (born April 26, 1961 in Chile, United States)
    When he was a boy he had a hard life; His family was humble and they lived a few kilometers from the Club Hípico de Concepción. His father, the foreman in that racecourse, put all his effort so that his children were horsemen. In sixth grade, his father took Jose out of school to work and help with household expenses. They were a total of seven brothers, of whom six were men.

    José understood himself very well with horses and since he was a child he was a good rider on October 24, 1976, his first race

    He has been competing for more than 20 years, at a high level until his retirement in 2007. During this time he won 4083 races and 2 before receiving some honors and I consider him the «best rider» in history. »

    He is 56 year old. He is small and well built.He is not handsome. He has got short brown hair. He has got brown eyes
    In this photo, Saints Joseph rides his horse

  11. 6637adiego dijo:

    Personal data:
    He was born the 13 of September of 1916 in Wales.
    He died the 23 of november of 1990.
    He have 1 son and 4 daughters. Their names are: Lucy Dahl, Tessa Dahl, Ophelia Dahl, Theo Matthew Dahl, Olivia Twenty Dahl.
    He born in Wales. When he was a boy his sister and his father died. His mother helped Roald to send him to a boarding school. In his childhood he saw a lot of things that in the future will help him to write books as the Chocolate Factory. When he finished the school he started working in a oil company. In 1913 he worked for the Royal Air Force. In one of his flyings he had an accident and based on this experience he wrote a book. After this, he wrote a lot of books.
    Because is a important person:
    He wrote a lot of books to children and also to adults. His most famous book are:
    How is he?
    He was 74 years old. He was tall and built.He was plain, he had got short black hair.His eyes was green. In the photo he is writing a book.

  12. Marta.M dijo:

    Peyton List borned in Florida the 6 of April of 1998,she moved to New York when she was four years.She has got two brothers both are actors and models.One of her brothers is her twin.
    Peyton List was model too and she did lots of series and films.
    The best series she did when she was young was Jessie but she appeared in other like Austin and Ally and Good Luck Charlie.This series are of Disney Channel but she did more in other channels.
    Now Peyton List have 20 years and she is doing new episodes of Kikiwaka Camp is like a continuation of Jessie but they aren’t the same actors.
    In this photo Peyton List is about 18 years.She is tall and slim and She is very pretty.She has got long wavy blonde hair.She has got a very beautiful brown eyes.She has got pink sunglasses,blue shorts and a colorful top.She is doing the symbol of silence.On the left hand she has got a white clock.I love Peyton List because I suppose she is very friendly and a good person.

  13. Ian Valiente dijo:

    Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler Madrid, May 8, 1975 is a Spanish singer, composer, record producer and actor. He is the youngest son of singer Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.
    He began his musical career in 1993 by signing a contract with Fonovisa, owned by the Mexican company Televisa, which boosted his career in its beginnings between Spanish-speaking countries and the Hispanic Diaspora in the United States. In 1999 he signed with the Interscope label and made a crossover for the English speaking market. He also signed with Universal Music Latino, owned by Universal Music to release his albums in Spanish. In 2010 he separated from Interscope and signed with the Universal Republic label. In 2015 he signed for Sony Music.3

  14. Marcos Domínguez dijo:

    I admire Lebron James because i like how he play basketball and i like his style.
    Lebron James is an american basketball player, is one of the best players of this sport.
    He was born in Akron, america, in 1984.
    He plays in Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. But also he plays in the national team of USA. It is also known as “The King” “King Lebron”…

    In the first photo Lebron james is about 5 years old is of medium height he is well-built is plain. He has got short straight dark hair. He has got dark eyes he has a big smile.

    In the second photo Lebron is about 15 years is very tall and is very slim is plain.
    he has got short straight dark hair, and dark eyes he has a big nose.

    In the third photo Lebron is middle aged he is tall he is well-built he is good looking.
    He has short straight dark hair, he has dark eyes, he has a beard.

    In the quarter photo Lebron is wearing a hat, a yellow scarf, a nice jacket and a t-shirt.

    In the fifth photo Lebron is wearing another hat, glasses, a shirt, jeans and shoes.

    In the sixth photo Lebron is wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and Nike trainers.

  15. Ángela Sánchez dijo:

    I admire Blanca Suarez because she is very beautiful and is a good actress.
    She began her career as an actress in 2007 when she did the series of The Boarding School .
    Some of his most famous series and movies are The ship, Looking for the North, The bar,
    Ours …
    She is an Spanish actress, she was born in Madrid in 1988 the 21 of October.
    She is an only child.
    She began her studies of interpretation at the Tritón school (Madrid).
    She has had a great career as an actress for seven years.
    She has been nominated for twenty Goya awards, of which she has won nine.

    Blanca Suarez is 29 years old. He is of medium height, and has a good body.
    She is very pretty.
    Blanca Suarez has had her hair in many ways, but now she has short, wavy and blond hair.
    She has very big eyes.

    Blanca Suarez usually wears comfortable clothes like jeans, shirts and jackets.
    She dress up more formally when she goes to an event.

    She likes sports a lot, her favorites are running and skiing.
    Her hobbies are travelling, to read and to listen to music.

  16. Sara Rodriguez dijo:

    Zac Efron, was born into a middle class family in California and later moved with his family to Arroyo Grande. His father David Efron was a power plant engineer, his mother was a secretary and his brother was also.
    He grew up and graduated in Arroyo, they asked him to go to a university but he refused to go to film, he started his story, he started making movies and he continues to do them, which made him very popular.
    Here some of his movies: high school musical, very well known other like that awkward moment or the most recent dirty papy.
    Here we can see what he is like now, he has short brown hair, his eyes are blue and he has a beard and mustache, his suit is black, black bow tie, black shirt and black jacket. He looks happy

  17. Ian Valiente dijo:

    I admire Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson he’s a WWE hall of fame and a actor
    He was born on 2 may in 1972, in Hayward California in USA.
    He started his career as a WWE professional wrestler in 1966.
    He makes some movies like Jumanji, A spie and a half and more…
    He is 45 years old.
    He is 6 ft 5 in.
    He is 264 lb=120 kg.
    He has a tattoo on her right arm.
    He is Well Built.
    He is bald.
    And he has no freckles
    He has one brother and a sister.
    There names are Curtis Bowlers and Wanda Bowlers.

  18. Víctor dijo:

    Lewis Hamilton was born in 7th of January of 1985 in Stevenage, England.Hamilton was born on January 7, 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, his parents called him Lewis by the American athlete Carl Lewis. In the 50s they moved from the island of Granada to Britain.

    In 1991 his father gave him a remote-controlled car, and since then he began to win competitions, even against adults.3 Hamilton’s dream was to become a driver of Formula 1, so his father bought him a kart, and in 1993 began to compete, of which he won several races. His father told him that he would support his career as long as he worked hard in school. But in the end Hamilton ended his working relationship with his father in early 2010 and signed a management agreement in March 2011 with Simon Fuller’s company XIX Entertainment. In November 2014, Hamilton announced that he would not renew his management contract with Fuller.

    Hamilton was educated at John Henry Newman’s school, a Catholic high school. Along with his interest in racing, he also highlighted his ability as a footballer, playing on the school team with England international midfielder Ashley Young. Hamilton said that if Formula One had not worked for him, he would have been a footballer or a cricketer. He later attended, in February 2001, Cambridge Arts and Sciences (CATS), a private sixth-grade university in Cambridge.

  19. Samuel González dijo:

    Hello one of my idols is Jesus Calleja. Now he is a television presenter and mountaineer in his programs shows mountaineer and lots of sports. He was born in Fresno de la vega, Spain on april of 1965. He started the climb with 13 years old and his father told him stories about expeditions to the himalaya mountains. a peak that climbed before the age of 21 years old was el naranjo de bulnes and peña ubiña. In 2003 he tried the first peak of eight thousand meters. In 2005 he climbed the Everest mountain and from him it was very satisfying to fulfill his dream.He won some awards through his programs. his actuals programs are “planeta calleja” and “volando voy”

    In this picture he is wearing a black and white striped t-shirt, jeans and white trainers.

    (No me deja incluir la foto)

  20. Marcos Arroyo dijo:

    I admire Chris Brown because he works with animals.
    He borned in Newcastle the 11 of september of 1978. Chris is 39 years old.
    He graduated from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours in veterinary Science in 2001.
    He worked at a clinic in Sydney’s North Shore.
    He travelled to remote aboriginal communities in the north of Australia to treat animals.
    He is best known for his television series Bondi Vet.
    In october 2005 Chris released his first book » The family guide to pets «.
    He usually wears comfortable clothes.
    He is wearing a blue shirt and a jeans.
    He is wearing a brown shoes.
    On the wrist he wearing a clock.

  21. Good morning I’m Javier.My character is Rafael Nadal. He is a professional tennis player.
    He was born in Mallorca in 1986. Sebastian and Ana María are his parents he has got a sister Isabel.
    He has been playing tennis since he was four years old and his trainer is his uncle Toni.
    He has won the roland garros ten times in total.
    In 2008 he got to be the number one a the ATP and won the gold medal at the olympics in Pekín.
    Nadal was chosen a the spanish standard-bearer in the olympics games in Rio 2016.
    Nadal has brown skin, Brown and short hair and brown eyes he is very nice.
    Rafa Nadal is wearing Nike sports clothes He is playing with shorts and wears a wristband and a hair ribbon.

  22. Rubén dijo:

    Rafa Nadal Parera was born on 3er of June of 1986 in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain. His parents are Ana María Parera and Sebastián Nadal. He has a younger sister, María Isabel. He was born into a family of sportsmen, his uncle Miguel Ángel Nadal was a football player of FC Barcelona and of RCD Mallorca and his uncle Toni Nadal had been a tennis player.He started tennis with three years. He also practiced football, basketball and other sports, but he was eight years old, he won a sub-12 tennis title in the Baleares Islands when his family began to believe in their possibilities.

    He won tournaments in the lower categories, perhaps the most notable in the junior world championship «Le petit as», played in France. At the age of twelve, his father told him to decide between tennis and football and he decided to play tennis.

    He’s considered one of the best tennis player of the history and the best tennis player of the all times in the tracks land. Until now he has been the champion of 16 tournaments of Grand Slam, he won the Roland Garros at ten moments, the tournament of Wimbledon in two occasions, the Open Australia in one occasion and the Open E.E.U.U. in three occasions. Also he get with Spain the gold medal in the Pekin’s Olympics Plays and the gold medal in the Rio Janeiro’s Olympics Plays.

    He’s tall, he measure 1,85, he’s well-built, he has got short, straight, brown hair and he has got brown eyes. He hasn’t got freckles but he has got bronzed skin.

    He’s wearing nike’s deportives clothes. When he started, he weared sleeveless shirts but now he’s wearing shirts.He always wearing cap or hair ribbon.

  23. Ana Lucia Guerra dijo:

    Selena Gomez
    She’s an actress and a pop singer.She born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie,Texas,United States.Her Parents Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Joel Gomez. She has two sisters Gracie Elliot Teefey and Tori Gomez.Her true name is Selena Marie Gomez.

    In 2001 she started her career in show business when she performed on the popular children’s program Barney & Friends as Gianna.
    Dropped from the series after two years, Gomez auditioned for other shows without much success.She has a small role in the movie Spy Kids 3.

    In 2003 she protoganized Game Over and a small part as Julie on Walker,Texas Ranger.

    In 2005 movie Trial by Fire.
    In 2006 play Emily Grace Garcia in Brain Zapped,and recorded a song for the show.
    In 2006 she started as Gwen in the serie Zack & Cody on Disney Channel.

    She earned more work from disney append to play the evil Mikayla for the Hannah Montana series.
    She was landed her first starring role when the channel cast her as Alex Russo in the show Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007.

    In 2008 She made her first animated movie Horton Hears a Who and she starred in the ABC Family movie Another Cinderella Story with fellow Disney Channel actor Andrew Seeley.

    Her Recent projects.
    Gomez enjoyed more success in 2017 with such acclaimed tracks as «Bad Liar» and «It Ain’t Me,» a collaboration with Norwegian DJ Kygo. She also teamed with rapper Gucci Mane for «Fetish» and the mysterious Marshmello for «Wolves.»

    In this photo she wear a black dress and black shoes.

  24. Aroa Conde dijo:

    David Bustamante
    He’s an singer. He born in on march 25,1982 in San Vicente de la Barquera,Cantabria,Spain. Her parents Gervasio Bustamante and Ada Hoyos. He has two brothers Manuel Bustamante and Igor Bustamante.Her name is David Bustamante Hoyos.

    In 2001 he started her career in show business when he performed on the popular program Operación Triunfo, Bustamante participated in Eurovision in 2002 although in the end it was not the chosen one.

    In 2003 he released his second album.
    In 2005 realesed his third album
    In 2006 realesed his fourth album…

    He’s tall, he measure 1,75, he’s well built, he’s handsome, he has got short, straight,black hair and he has got brown eyes.He hasn’t got glasess but he has got dimples.

    He’s wearing suit
    When he wear suit or deportive clothes

  25. Bruno dijo:

    The boy Ramón Melendi was not passionate about music. As a child his main hobby was soccer and he showed that he had enough quality to have a certain future in the practice of this sport. After doing the necessary tests to enter the team he played for several years in all the lower categories of the historic club of his city, Real Oviedo. He did not leave football more or less professional until 2001.

    Melendi is 39 years old, she is quite tall, she has brown eyes and smooth brown hair in the photo she wears a white shirt and jeans and also some earrings

    In the first photo we have Melendi as a coach in the kids voice.
    In the second picture we have Melendi singing in a concert.
    in the third picture we have Melendi cover in his new album «Quítate las gafas»

  26. Esther Goñi dijo:

    I love Ryan Gosling because he is very funny and a good person.
    He borned on november 12, 1980, in Ontario, London. Now he is 37 years old.
    His name is Ryan Thomas Gosling.
    He has a wife called Eva Mendes.
    He is an actor, a film director, a writer and a musician.
    He participated in many popular movies because he is a very good actor. For example, he participated in La la land, El diario de Noah, Blade Runner 2. He is very versatile.
    He has a band called «Dead Man’s Bones. In 2009 his band released their first album.

    He was a child star. He worked at the «Mickey Mouse Club» in Disney Channel, from 1993 to 1995, with Justin Timberlake.
    He won the golden balloon thanks to La la land. He won a lot of awards because he is a good actor.

    He is tall and well built, he is average and good look. His hair is straight, short and clear brown. His eyes are greenish blue.
    He hasn’t got glasses and dimples.
    He usually wears jeans and a shirt, but in interviews or celebrations he has got a suit.

  27. Estela dijo:

    Abraham mateo

    I am going to talk to you about Abraham Mateo, he is a spanish singer.He is twenty years,here he is wearing a green jacket and grey sweatshirt,and he has got dark short hair.

    When he was eight years made her debut like singer in » Menuda Noche», thanks to this TV program he was made famous.Her first success was «Señorita» with this singer he was for a year in number one.

    Here you can see Abraham Mateo in 2015 when he followed the album «Are you ready?» and this is a image about his musical video.

    These image are from his last album where you can listen to songs like » crazy love» and » talk to me softly». Now he is wearing leather hunter and beard.

    Here we have his biography from childhood until now

    I hope you liked it

  28. Ibai Camus dijo:

    Hello my name is Ibai and I going to talk to you about Mark selby

    Snooker is game similar to billar but it not like, you have to put the red and white balls in this order “Red ball, white ball” When you finish the red balls you have to put the colour balls

    Mark selby was the snooker world champion last year 2 years ago and 4 years ago.Mark selby was obtained more than 516 breaks. He played more than 5 finals of Masters 3 of them against vs Roonia O’sullivan I talk to you about his boy after.

    In this picture he has got a white vest, suit pants and shoes, this is an elegant look because when yo go to a match of snooker you g¡have to go elegant

    He has got short, straight and brown hair, he has got green eyes and he has got a bear, moustache and a big noise. He is about 40 years old, he is tall, well built and good looking

    In this picture you can see his family this is his daughter her name is Sofía María Selby, this one is his wife Vikki Layton. Mark Selby’s parent are Shirley Selby and David Selby

    This is his greatest enemy he names Roonie’ Osullivan he is about 40 years old, he is short well built and husband. He has got short straight and brown hair, he has got brown eyes and he hasn’t got beard

    Mark Selby is a fan o Leicester City, he loves this team football, because there he plays his favorite football player Jamie Vardy

  29. Irene Diego López dijo:

    Pedro García Aguado

    Pedro García Aguado is wellknown for being part of the team wich won the gold medal in waterpolo of the Olympic games in 1996.
    He was born in Madrid, the 9th of december.
    He is quite tall 1’93 and heavy too, almost 93kg.
    Since he was little he started to drink alcohol and taking drugs at the age of 14. He got giving up drugs by making a great efford because he had to go to a very expensive rehabilitation center, exactly thirty thousand euros, he inherited that money from grandparents, because a few days earlier than his grandpha’s dies he had the lotery.
    Nowadays he works in some TV shows and he organice events focused on young people education.
    Currently he is middle-aged, he is quite tall, well build and plain.
    He is bald, he has got blue eyes and a blond beard.
    In this picture he is wearing a blue shirt and dark pants.

    Irene Diego López, 1ºB

  30. Marina Frías dijo:

    She was born on 15 march,1982 in Madrid (Spain).
    She is a spanish singer.
    Her real name is María Lucía,she is daughter of Pepe de Lucía,niece of Paco de Lucía,and she have a brother called José de Lucía.
    Alejandro Sanz wrote for her the first song “apprentice”(aprendiz).
    His aunt Reyes gave him her nickname when she was 2 days.
    She received many awards such as “El Premio Ondas” in 2014 and two nominations for “Grammys Latinos” in 2011.
    In this photo she is singing in a concert and she is wearing a black and white dress and white shoes.
    She is 36 years old,she is of medium height,she is well-built and she is pretty.She have long wavy brown hair,she have brown eyes.She have a small nose but she haven’t got a freckles

  31. Ana Ruiz de Grado dijo:

    His name us Edward, but he is very well knows for his surname Sheera.
    He was born on the 17 th of february of 1991.
    He is medium height and Slim. Ed Sheeran is a plain person. He has got short spiky ginger hair. He has got blue eyes and he also has got beard and moustache, but he hasn’t got freckles.
    He has got one brother, he is called Matthew. Sheeran’s parents are John Imogen, are from London, his paternal grandparents are Irish.
    +He began recording music in 2004.
    +In the year 2008, in London, he auditioned for a British musical drama television.
    + His album + was released in Septembre 2011.
    + The next year he won the 2012 Brits awards for Best British Male Solo Artist.
    + He released his second album x on 23 June 2014.
    + In December 2016, his third album ÷
    In the present he is a singer, songwriter and guitar player and he is an occasional rapper and actor as well.

  32. Lucas Merino Martínez dijo:

    Stephen Curry:

    Stephen Curry is my favorite basketball player. He plays in The Golden States Warriors but he was in the Wildcats some years ago. He plays as base.
    He was born the 14th of March in 1988. Nothing is known about his childhood, but we know that his father and his brother are professional basketball players too. His dad, Dell Curry, played basketball in the NBA as base for sixteen seasons. His brother, Seth Curry, plays nowadays in the Dallas Mavericks.
    Stephen Curry is very tall and slim. He is 1,91 metres and 89 kg.
    He is a very good basketball player. Some people think that he is one of the best.

    He is an adult who is 30 years old. He has got a short straight dark beard and moustache. He isn’t bold and he hasn’t got any freckles. He doesn’t use glasses.

    In this picture, he is wearing his basketball equipment. He is wearing short blue trousers, a blue and yellow T-Shirt and white and blue trainers. He is bouncing a ball.

    Lucas Merino 1ºA

  33. Virginia Rivas dijo:

    Her name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She was born the October of 1984.When she was a little girl she travelled around E.E.U.U with her family. Her parents were priest.
    She recorded her first album when she was 15 year old. It was religious music. In 2007 she moved to new recording ‘’Capitol records’’ and she launched onto the market ‘’One of the boys’’. She got the first place in music list in some countries. She was nominated for a Grammy in 2009. In 2010 she launched onto the market colled ‘’California Gurls’’. The last album in witness in 2017. At the is single and she hasn’t children.
    She’s beautiful girl. She’s tall. She’s slim. She have a short straight black hair. She have blue eyes.

  34. Carmen Vía dijo:

    She is Annie LeBlanc, she is a famous actress, youtuber and singer. Also she is famous in the social networks, especially on musically,

    She is 13 years and she is a medium height and slim. She is a beautiful girl. She has got long hair. Her hair is brown and she has californian wicks. Her eyes are brown. She uses glasses.

    She is a funny girl, she is a good person and friendly. She is adventure girl, she help her friends and enjoy with them.

    She has 1 mother, 1 father and 1 sister but she was also 1 brother ‘Caleb’ He died when he was 13 years old for unknown reasons. She has got 3 dogs, a rabbit and one horse.

    Her hobbies: She dids gymnastic to 9 level but she retired for be singer and actress. She is horse riding ‘when the family canal come 3 millions of subscriptions they build a horse for annie, Luna,’

    She sings since she was little but the first song was on published on 2018 on 2018 ‘Ordinary girl’ she sings on concerts With other actors and she sings on the tour of Jacob Sartorius.

    She star on the screen like actress on ‘Chicken girls’ one serie of Brat and ‘We are savvy’ serie on her channel.

    Annie’s houses: Before this 2 houses she lived on a normally house but now she lives on Maryland and California. On Maryland she lives on a mansion but in California she lives on a big flat.

    My opinion about Annie: I think that Annie is a good person and she likes the same hobbies that me. I recommend you watch her channel.

  35. Irene Rivera Esteban dijo:

    Maddie Ziegler
    She was born on September 30 of 2002. On Pensilvania (On the north of America). Her real name is Madison Nicole Ziegler, but her artistic name is Maddie Ziegler. She is a dancer, an actress and a model.

    She has a sister called Mackenzie Ziegler. She was born on June, 4 of 2004. Her parents are Melissa Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler.

    Her sister is a dancer, actress and a singer. She dance with her sister in Dance Moms when they were child.

    Maddie started dance at 2 years old in the Reign Dance Productions, at 5-6 years old, she joined in the Abby Lee Dance Company. Maddie’s younger sister, followed her steps and joined in the Abby Lee Dance Company too.

    Also appear in many video clip like Lux’s «It’s Like Summer»; «Cry» by Alexx Calise, «Chandelier», «Elastic Heart» and «Big Girls Cry» by Sia; «Freaks Like Me» by Todrick Hall; and «It’s a Girl Party» by Mack Z.

    Maddie has also modeled for a series of lines of clothes, like Glitzy Girl, Oxyjen, Sally Miller, Purple Pixies, Capezio and Cicci Dancewear.

    In 2012, she got her first job as a professional actress. And she appear in a film: The book of Henry.

    Maddie’s family are ambassadors for Starlight Children’s Foundation, are sponsored by the Dancer’s Care Foundation, and sponsor James Connection and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

    She is 15. She is tall, slim and pretty. She has long straight brown hair. She has blue eyes. She have dimples.

    In this photo she is wearing a dress, shoes, earrings and a tiara.

  36. Miguel Campo dijo:

    Today I’m going to talk about a person who i admire, this person is Michael Phelps. He was born on 30 of June of 1985 in Baltimore, Meryland.

    He was the youngest of three children.HIs father was also very good at sports, he played football in high school and college. Michael began swimming at the age of seven. By the age of ten, he held a national record for his age group in the 100 – meter butterfly. So we can say that his career as a swimmer started at that moment.

    With a total of 28 medals, he’s the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens he won 6 gold medals and 2 bronze ones. Four years later, at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing he got 8 gold medals becaming the first and only person who has ever got 8 gold medals in Summers Olympics. At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro he won a total of 9 more gold medals and another 2 silver ones. He also has 27 gold medals at the world championships.

    Since 2016 he is marred with Nicole Johnson, they have two children whose names are Boomer Robert Phelps and Beckett Richard Phelps.

    He’s middle – aged man, he is 32 years old and he is pretty tall around 1,93 meters and well – built. he’s a good looking man. He has got short, straight , dark hair and brown eyes. He doesn’t need to wear glasses and he has got beard.

    In this picture we can see Michael, He is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and wears a black tie. He is wearing brown shoes and he is also wearing sunglasses.

    When he retired, he said that only reason he had to get in the water was that his mom wanted him to learn how to swim, at that time. his sisters and he fell in love with the sport, and they decided to swim.

    Miguel Campo Nº5 1ºC

  37. FAVIO dijo:





  38. Jorge Sánchez Matías dijo:

    Stephen Hawking

    He was born in Oxford on January 8, 1942 and died on March 14, 2018 in Cambridge.

    Stephen William Hawking was the son of Isobel Hawking and Frank Hawking, two great geniuses. He also has two younger sisters, Philippa and Mary, and an adopted brother.
    His father, who was a biologist, insisted on following in his footsteps; Hawking enrolled in natural sciences in Oxford, but quickly specialized in Physics his great passion, when he finished his studies he went to Cambridge to prepare his PhD in physics on cosmology. But in 1963, Hawking while skating suffered a fall, and could not get up; the diagnosis of the doctor is that he has lateral sclerosis (ALS), so his muscles would go paralyzing, but at the same time he knows the love of his life, and they married in 1965.
    In 1966 he obtained his doctorate in theoretical physics, and focused on explaining the origin of the universe.

    In this photo you can see that he is wearing a black suit, a light blue shirt, some black shoes and some glasses, the outfit that usually always.

  39. Ángel Vila dijo:



    Julia Roberts was born in Smyrna, Georgia, USA, the 28th october, 1967. Her parents called Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts. She’s two brothers, Eric Roberts and Lisa Roberts. She had one sister (Nancy Motes) but, unfortunately, she died.

    Julia studied at Fitzhugh, Griffin and High School Campbell, all them in Smyrna.

    She married with Daniel Moder and they have three children called Phinnaeus Walter, Hazel Patricia and Henry Daniel.

    She’s a movie and TV actress, and she won the Oscar for the best actress with three Golden Globes, a BAFTA and a premium by the Actors Union for the best protagonist actress.

    She’s famous for her films like Steel Magnolias (1989), Pretty Woman (1990)…
    In this photo we can see that Julia is middle-aged. She is medium height and slim. She’s so beautiful. She has got long wavy blonde hair. She’s got brown eyes. She hasn’t got a moustache or a beard.

    She’s wearing a black skirt, leggings with black polka dots and black high heels. She’s also carrying two bags.

    And this is Julia Roberts…

  40. Diego Herran dijo:

    I admire Rafael Nadal, he was born the 3 of June in 1986 in Mallorca, Spain. He is a professional tennis player (he is 185 centimeters tall), he is tall and of middle age (he is 31 years old).
    He is slim and handsome.
    He has got short curly auburn hair.
    He has got a lot of interest about tennis, he is right handed but he plays tennis with the left hand to hit the ball better.
    When he was young his uncle obliged them to play tennis many hours to be the best but that wasn’t a problem for him because he like tennis very much and he always want to do as much as he can to improve. The uncle was very hard with him but that was never a problem for him.
    He is nowadays the number one in the atp ranking and he has many tennis records: he is the player with most titles win in a single Grand Slam tournament (10 titles in Roland Garros), he is the only one that has one a Grand Slam, single olympic gold medal and doubles olympic gold medals, the record of consecutive sets won in tennis clay and the one who has won most tennis clay tournaments ever. He has more than a hundred records alone and more than thirty records share with other players.
    But the thing I like more about Rafael Nadal is not his records, his wins or this titles. The thing I admire more is his attitude, the way he behaves when he lost because he doesn’t look for excuses and always try to learn about what he can improve and above of that i admire the way he respects his opponents. I think he is an example and an inspiration for all of us.

  41. Marta Cordero dijo:

    I have decided to write to Rafael Nadal Parera or as we know him to Rafa Nadal.
    Rafael Nadal was born in Manacor,Balearic Islands,Spain.
    He was born on 3 of June of 1986.His parents are Ana María Parera and Sebastián Nadal has a younger sister named Maria Isabel. Rafa Nadal is young. He is very tall and well-built.
    He is handsome.He has got short straight brown hair. He is brown eyes.He hasn’t got a moustache or a beard.He hasn’t got glasses.
    Rafa has many trophies and cups because he is one of the best tennis players in the world.To date he has been champion of 16 Grand Slam tournaments, which places him as the second professional player with more «great» titles in the history of the tennis, after the Swiss Roger Federer . He has won the Roland Garros Tournament in ten editions, being the tennis player who has won more times Nadal has defeated ten or more times fifteen rivals and twenty or more times three opponents .


    He was born in Senta (Yugoslavia) on 1979. He’s parents are Serbians. Arpad is an only child. Actually he has 39 years. He’s 2 metres tall and 119 kilograms.
    He became spanish on the year 2008. He was playing in Serbia but he decided to come to spain.
    He’s name is Arpad Sterbik ( Arpad Sterbik Capar ) and he’s a handball goalkeeper. He had played in Atlético de madrid,FC Barcelona, Veszprem, Ciudad Real HC Vardar, where he’s playing right now.
    In the picture he’s wearing a black tracksuit and black trainers.IN these photo his doing nothing, but he’s able to do lot’s of things with his arms and legs.He’s handsome.He’s tall and fat. He has got short, straight, brown hair. He has got brown eyes. He hasn’t got any beard or moustache . He hasn’t wear glasses .
    He has been recognised by the best goalkeeper of the world, that’s because he has won 57 titles. he has won 7 medals with he’s selections.

  43. Daniel dijo:

    Conor McGregor was born on July 14, 1998, is an Irish martial arts fighter, McGregor has been featherweight and lightweight champion, and achievement that makes him, until now, the first and only fighter of the UFC that has won two titles in two divisions at the same time. One of those belts took it from José Aldo, a fighter with whom he has always had a strong rivalry, at 13 seconds of the fight, thus achieving the fastest KO in the history of the UFC. That night became the sensation of the mixed martial arts of the moment. Before coventirse in professional mma, played football, was a fan of Manchester United. When he was a teenager he suffered bulling, that’s why he started practicing MMA.
    He left school and began working as a plumber, stopped being a plumber and lived with state aid that he charged 1888 euros a week and always wears his grandfather’s hat.
    An article says that along his career he could have earned 100 million dollars.
    McGregor is young, he is short and well-built. He is handsome.
    He has got straight blond hair. He has brown eyes and he has got moustache and beard.
    He hasn’t gotas glasses.

    It always goes elegant.

  44. José Ángel dijo:

    Before he became…, he had played football.
    He suffered bullying
    He always wears …
    He always wears smart clothes.

  45. Charles Otto Puth Jr

    More known as CHARLIE PUTH, he was born on December 2,1991 in New Jersey, Estados Unidos. He is Debra’s son, a Jewish music teacher and Charles, a Catalonian real estate agent and builder. He has two twin brothers, Mikaela and Stephen.

    At two years of age Charlie was bitten in an almost fatal accident by a dog. Nowadays he keeps the scar on his eyebrow.

    He is a singer, composer and music producer. Charlie joined YouTube in September 2009 and began publishing his own acoustic covers. In October 2011, Puth won a cover contest organized by Pérez Hilton. After winning the contest with «Someone Like You» by Adele, the boy was invited to the show by Ellen DeGeneres, where they performed the song and was offered to sign a contract with a record company.

    His mass fame came with the release of «See You Again,» along with Wiz Khalifa, a song he wrote, produced and performed. It is in the soundtrack of Fast and Furious 7 as a tribute to the death of Paul Walker. He managed to reach number # 1 in the Hot 100 to make his first entry, first top 10 and the first number one in the Hot 100, earning him 3 nominations for the Grammys and becoming the second most watched video in Youtube history, having lasted a month in first position, being ousted by «Despacito».

    In this photo you have some sunglasses, white short sleeve t-shirt, black pants and white shoes with a black stripe

  46. Álvaro pascual dijo:

    Enrique iglesias:
    He’s a famous singer.He was born the 8 of may in 1975, in Madrid,Spain.Her parents are Julio iglesias and Isabel preysler.
    He has nine siblings.Her true name is Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler.
    When he was 3 years old his parents divorced.

    Later ETA kidnap her grandfather.Enrique life with her father(Julio iglesias) in Miami.

    He signs with Fonovisa a contract for three years and he moves to Toronto (Canada) to record his first album, with 18 years,

    He graduated from high school at Gulliver Preparatory School and then enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts course at the University of Miami, which he leaves later.

    In adolescence he discovers that he has a certain ability to compose. His first steps in music were hidden from his family and he asked for help from his nanny Elvira, who lends him $ 500 to record his first demo to appear at the record companies.

    At the moment Enrique Iglesias has triumphed spectacularly, both in the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets.

    Iglesias has made 10 albums. «Insomniac» was released 2008 and he did the official song for UEFA Europa League 2008, «Can You Hear Me», which he sang at the soccer league’s finale.

    Iglesias has recorded advertisements or provided songs for major brands, including Salsa Doritos (2002), PepsiCo (2003), Viceroy (2004), Tommy Hilfiger (2005), Azzaro (2009) Atlantico (2011-present), Soap opera theme songs (2013, 2014), Coty (2014), and Kia Soul (2014-2015). He also had guest acting roles on Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother.

    Iglesias has sold over 137 million records around the world, making him one of the best selling Latin artists ever. He has more number-one songs on Billboard’s charts, more than any other single male artist.

    He is wearing a black shirt, a grey jeans,a red cap and grey trainers
    He is about 40.He is tall and well-built.He is very handsome.He has got short wavy dark hair, He has got brown eyes, he has got beard,but he hasn’t got glasses.

  47. José Ángel dijo:

    In this photo he is wearing…, a white…, black trousers..
    what about his physical appearance?

  48. Natalia Gómez Gutiérrez dijo:

    Park Ji-min was born on the 13th october, 1995 (22 years) , in Busan (South Korea). He is an Dancer, singer, Choreographer, MC and a model.
    His family consists of his parents and a younger brother called Park Jihyun.He moved to Seoul when he was in his second year of high school.He was one of the best students of Contemporary Dance of his academy.He auditioned to enter Big Hit Ent in 2011 (with 15 years) in Busan, thanks to the motivation of a teacher, the song that I played was «I have a Lover» and was accepted immediately.He was the last to enter BTS during the alignment of the members, closing the auditions and leaving the seven members.He participated on December 26 at SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 where he made a presentation of contemporary dance along with other idols.When they had just debuted, he spent the whole day in the dance hall practicing and improving his dance steps and even sleeping in the room as he believed that he always had to think about improving as much as possible and being a good dancer, but now he prefers to spend more time with the other members playing and practicing the dance steps all together.

    He is 22 years old. He is tall and well built. He’s handsome. He has short brown way hair, he has got brown eyes. He hasn’t got a beard.

    In this photo he wears black jeans, a beige sweatshirt and white trainers

  49. Alba Sernín dijo:


    Ariana Grande was born in Boca Ratón (Florida) the 26th June, 1993. She’s american, italian and british. Since she was little she has got hypoglycemia. She was actress. She has got one half- brother Frankie, he’s actor and dancer. Her parents when Ariana has 11 years they divorced, so Ariana suffered for a long time; but she decided goes with her mother and her half-brother. Since she was little she has got a talent in the music and the dance. She sung in an orchestra. After the serie “Victorious” she decided she wanted to be singer so she started to recorded her voice and upload it on the Internet.

    Ariana is 24 years old, she’s short and slim. She is very beautiful. She has got long wavy brown hair. She has got brown eyes. She has got dimples and she usually has got a ears’ headband. She hasn’t got freckles.

    In this photo she is wearing a purple dress and a pink platform shoes only.

    And this is Ariana Grande…

  50. Jorge dijo:

    Thomas Stanley Holland is a British actor and dancer who borns on June 1, 1996 in Surrey is famous for playing Lucas Bennett in the movie The Impossible (2012) Thomas Nickerson in the Heart of the Sea (2015) and Spider-Man in the movie Spider -man homecoming.

    Son of Nicola Elizabeth, a photographer and Dominic Holland, a comedian and author of the
    book Eclipsed. He has three younger brothers named Sam, Harry and Patrick.

    Tom is a teenager he is of medium height and well – built he is handsome. He has got a mid-length wavy brown hair. He has got brown eyes. In this photo is wearing
    a white T-shirt a black jacket, in the lower body a baggy jeans and in the feets a trainers.

    These two photos are from a scene from the movie Spider-Man homecoming in these two photos Tom wears the Spider-Man costume in which he is standing with the head chew near the train.

    In these two photos of two scenes from the movie the impossible. In the first image tom is into the hospital after the tsunami and in the second you are seeing how the tsunami is coming in the hotel.

    This picture is from a scene in the movie Corazón de Mar in which Tom is on the boat.

  51. Ismael dijo:


    David Bisbal:

    He was born on June 5, 1979 in Almería, (Spain).

    Son of José Bisbal and María Ferre.

    While still a child he started working as a gardener, in the municipal nursery of Almería.

    The years passed and David met the producer of the Orquesta Expresiones, who after listening and discovering his vocal quality, offered him employment as the main voice of this orchestra. In 2001 the first edition of the television program Operación Triunfo was premiered in Spain, of which Bisbal is one of the 16 contestants. He was second runner-up behind Rosa López.

    He represented Spain in Eurovision along with his teammates Rosa Lopez, David Bustamante, Chenoa, Gisela and Geno. After the contest signed a contract with the company Vale Music. They recorded Corazon Latino, a record that was released in 2002. They awarded him the friend prize in January 2003. At the beginning of 2004 he published his second album, Bulería. In 2006 he presented the album » Premonición », with which he achieved five platinum albums, and with this work Bisbal won the ‘Ondas’ award. » SIN LIRAR ATRÁS » was presented in 2009.
    In November 2012 he won a Latin Grammy for the best traditional vocal pop album, for his album Una noche en el Teatro Real.

    In 2014, he presented his album Tú y yo; the first single «Ten Thousand Ways» was released on January 23.

    He began in Argentina his tour that toured several countries in Latin America and Spain. In his first week he managed to be a double platinum record in Spain and a gold record in Argentina.

    In 2013 he was one of the coaches of the third season of «La Voz México», by Televisa and the second season of «La Voz» in Spain. In 2014, he participated in the first season of «La Voz Kids» in Spain.

    When he was in the Orquesta Expresiones he maintained a relationship with his singing partner, Raquel Perera. In 2001 he met Chenoa in the television program Operación Triunfo, with whom he had a relationship for more than three years. Between 2004 and 2011, she was a couple of the Spanish designer Elena Tablada. On February 15, 2010, they were Ella’s parents. In 2011, he started dating the Seville model, Raquel Jiménez. In 2014, on tour in Latin America, he met the actress and singer Eugenia Suárez in Argentina, better known as China Suárez. In May of this same year David and Eugenia recorded the video clip of the song «TODAY».

    Bisbal is middle-aged. He’s of medium height and well built. He’s handsome. He has got short, curly, brown hair. He has got brown eyes. He hasn’t got any scar or glasses.
    He has got a white shirt, a black tie and a black tuxedo. I suppose he’s wearing socks and black shoes.

  52. Mario Alonso dijo:

    MARIO ALONSO dijo:
    Date of birth: August 21, 1986 (age 31 years)
    Birth place: Sherwood Content, Jamaica
    Full name: Usain St. Leo Bolt

    Jamaican Usain Bolt is an Olympic legend who has been called “the fastest man alive” for smashing world records and winning 9 gold medals as a reigning champion at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Games.

    He grew up in his family environment with his parents: Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt and brothers Sadeeki and Sheríne.
    In this moment he has retired from his job in the olympic games after many hard years training.

    Usain now, he is about 30 years old, of course he is very tall little less than the height of michael jordan.
    He is well-built and very handsome.Sometimes he is bald and other times he has got short curly black hair and small brown eyes.
    Usually he is wearing deportive clothes like a yellow and green t-shirt (jamaican flag) and black shorts.He always were a dorsal with his name in the front another one with his dorsal number.

    Usain Bolt lost his last 100 meters race. Or, rather, the American Justin Gatlin paralyzed the world with his victory over the Jamaican who, in addition, had to settle for third place and the bronze medal in his last World . It is the largest in history. Always considered two long distance runners (Paavo Nurmi and Emil Zatopek) and two sprinters-jumping (Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis) as the greatest athletes in history. But Usain St. Leo Bolt beat all four.

  53. Sergio Azcuénaga Cinirella dijo:

    David Williams

    David Williams, was born August 20, 1971. He’s known professionally as David Walliams, is a comedian, actor, judge of talent shows, author, presenter and English activist.

    David Walliams was born in Merton, London. He is the son of Peter Williams, a transport engineer in London, and Kathleen Williams, a laboratory technician, and grew up in Banstead, Surrey. Walliams was educated at Collingwood Boys’ School in Wallington and Reigate Grammar School in Surrey.

    David Walliams is currently working as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and also creating books for children such as: Grandma gangster, Bad daddy, …

    He is a very tall man and with a huge smile, he has brown eyes and he always goes very good hairstyle. He also has gleaming teeth, and his nose is like a aquiline nose.

    On some pictures he is wearing a grey suit and a blue tie. He is really elegant.
    On pictures at an important gala and he is wearing a black tuxedo with a black bow tie.

  54. Elena Ibargüen Muñoz dijo:

    Personal data :
    She was born the 27 of June of 1999 in Barcelona .
    She have boyfriend their name are vicente

    Biography :
    Aitana have nineteen years and are from Barcelona , only live with their fathers in sant climent de llobregat ( Barcelona )
    Finish the a levels from art .
    She play the piano .
    She realized that i could sing when i interpret » We are the world » with twelve years at school .
    At the end did not do the career of designer because they chose her from enter in operación triunfo

  55. Guillermo Castilla García dijo:


    Harrison Ford was born in Chicago, on July 13th of 1942.
    He was a restless person,he loved outdoor activities,for that reason he wanted to be a farmer or a marine biologist.He was expelled the last year at Ripon College of the University of Wisconsin where he studied English Literature and Philosophy for refusing to cut his hair.He moves to Los Angeles with his wife with the idea of ​​becoming an actor.
    The day of today:
    Harrison Ford is 75 years old and he is an American film and television actor.His last work was Star Wars:The Force AwakensHe did films of comedy,action and adventure…
    He is married with Calista Flockhart.
    Best Actor in a Leading Role / Film – International / Favorite Actor – Suspense
    Films:Patriot Games,Star Wars:The force awakens,Blade runner,Raiders of the lost ark,Star Wars:A new hope…
    Physical description:
    In this photo,he is wearing a hat, a vest and a backpack strap.Harrison Ford is 75 years old, he is of medium height, he is well-built and plain. He has mid length spiky and grey hair.
    He has brown eyes, he has a round face, he has glasses but he hasn’t got a scar.

  56. briggith dijo:

    who is she?she is a young american actress and singer what does she do ? she is a good singer and also and she also acts in a famous teerager tv programe.

    why is she famous?she is famous because she played an important role in the teenager tv program called victorious. she left the programe because she had problems with the costume.wow was her childhood? when she was a child she had got a lot of freckles in her face . she also had long curly and black hair. IN her free time she liked sing and dance with her friends wow does she become famous? one day in her family holidays she was in a cruise and she began to sing a song in the karaoke suddenly a the famous singer , gloria estefan saw her and congratulated for her performance.from that day she started to sing in some orchestras
    wow is she ? this is my favourite ariana’s picture. in this photo we can see that ariana is looking at the tv cameras. she has got a big bonytail . she has got long , straight and brown hair . she has got big eyes with long lashes . she is wearing a black leather dress . she is also wearing a pair of black boots.she
    is short but she is very beautiful.she is a young girl because she is 24 years old why is she my favourite singer?she is my favourite singer because i like her way of singing. I love her songs and also i enjoy with her TV programme. she is best artist in the world

  57. Aitor Gutiérrez dijo:

    Lebron James was born on December, 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio.Lebron James is basketball player. He plays in the cavaliers from Cleveland. He has won many awards like the gold ring.
    Lebron James is Gloria Marie James son.
    He is very tall man, he is 2,03 meters and is very strong. He is the best basketball player of the world. His hair is short and brown and his beard is black and short. Lebron is dark, he has many tattoos on his arms. He is a kind and funny person.
    He usually goes dressed in a black smoking or with a short-sleeved shirt, shorts and a cap.

  58. Carlota Nozal Pavon dijo:

    Bad bunny
    Personal information :
    His real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio
    born on March 10, 1994 is 22 years old
    Born in a united state
    Its nationality is Puerto Rico
    He has two younger brothers at
    He previously lived with his father and younger brothers on the coast of Puerto Rico
    Currently lives with his partner and is called Rosmi Cami Pérez

    Biography :

    Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper and composer of trap, rap and hip-hop in Spanish


    in this photograph he has short hair wears a small white glasses a white jacket with a blue drawing in the center with a mustard jacket to match a pair of pirate pants with white t-shirts

  59. Maria pincay dijo:

    -Hi! I’m going to talk about Juanpa Zurita , his name complete is Juanpa Pablo Martinez Zurita Arellano. He was born in Mexico and now has got 22 years old.

    -He started to be famous in 2013 through comedy videos in vine App , make public blogs videos in youtube , and he is model in : pull an bear , dolce and gabbana and calvin klein.

    -In 2015 he selected like icon at the year by MTV Latin America . In actuality is well-know by be actor in video clips .

    -He has got short , curly and colour brown hair and blue eyes . He is tall slim and I think he’s very handsome.

  60. María.L dijo:

    She was born in Paris in 1990, where she lived until she turn five years. Then she moved to England with her mother. She is the oldest of seven children. She went to Dragon School: Oxford. When she was six years old she decided to be an actress. When she was nine she was selected to represent Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

    She went to Brown University and she studied English literature. She stopped her studies to study English in Oxford University. She always defends the environment, the needed people and the figure of women.

    She is about 30. She is medium-height and well-built. She is very pretty. She has long wavy brown hair. She has brown eyes. She is wearing a brown dress, slopes and a ring.

    Her most popular film is Harry Potter. I admire her because she is a very good person and a very good actress.

  61. Sergio Gómez Martínez dijo:

    Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8, 1975. He is currently 42 years old.
    Enrique’s father is Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.
    He is 9 years old and also has 4 grandparents who are Julio Iglesias, Beatriz Arrastía, Maria del Rosario and Carlos Preysler.
    He works as a musician, and is currently very famous and known in Spain.
    He usually wears red and black chrome shirt, green visor, sunglasses, gray pants and gray shirts.
    He is middle-aged, of medium height, he is thin, he is handsome, he has straight dark brown hair, brown eyes, short beard and sunglasses.
    his hobbies are windsurfing and aquatic squi.

  62. Diego Gómez Alonso dijo:

    he is middle-aged he is tall and handsome has short hair and black has blue eyes big hands has a small mustache and beard has a white shirt and a blue and white pants like military print has a pendant on the left finger seems to be wearing brown boots .
    in the hair has a streak has the hair thrown to the right.
    He does not have a belt or a hat, his shirt is a little big

  63. Claudia Valdez dijo:

    My character is Lele Pons. He was born in Venezuela on June 25, 1996. At age 5 he moved to Los Angeles because of his father’s work.She suffred bulling. But she did not care, and in 2012 she opened an account. His slogan was «do it for the vine» She never she never thought to have more than 10 million followers. Unfortunately, the app close in 2015.
    but this does not stop her to keep growing, because the app where he would continue with his career would be instagram. with which now has 24.2 million followers.
    In 2015 she write a book «surviving high school» . On July 25, 2017, he conducted some of the most important shows, the MTV Miaw,with Juanpa Zurita. On August 9, 2017, he traveled with Juanpa Zurita to bring clothes and toys to the children of Rio de Janeiro. November made the video clip of Down Town by J Balvin and Anitta, again with Juanpa Zurita, who reached 200 million views. And I’ve met many celebrities for example Daddy&Yankie, king bach and Marshmellow.
    Lele is young .She is short and slim. She is pretty.She has got long hair straight blond hair.She has brown eyes.She has a white top,a long skirt with differents forms, red heels and a black hat.

  64. Mario de Andrés dijo:

    Drake is an canadian singer, is from Toronto. His especiality is the rap. Now, he is one of the greatest singers of the world. But when he was child he like to act so he act in a serie called «Degrassi, The Next Generation». He study in a Jewish school because his mother is canadian Jewish. He also study in the «Forest Hill Collegiate Institute» when she was twelve years old. He also study in «Vaughan Road Academy», but he doesn’t graduate in this school, he graduate in October in 2012.
    He has songs like «Hotline Bling», «God’s Plan», «One Dance»…
    In this photo, he is wearing an old brown jacket, a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a white Jordan trainers. He is a little bald because he likes his hair like this.
    His parents are Sandi Graham, is an educator, she is canadian and Jewish, and Dennis Graham, a drummer, he is afroamerican.


  65. Enrique dijo:

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster was born on May 16, 1990 in the city of London, located in England, United Kingdom, being the first son of the also actors Mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram. He has a younger sister named Ava Sangster, and they are both second cousins ​​of actor Hugh Grant.1 Little is known about his childhood, but since he was young, he had shown some interest in the performing arts, partly influenced by the work of his parents and your family in general

  66. José Ángel dijo:

    he also studied… but he didn’t graduate // when he was a child he liked acting so he performed in a series … //

  67. José Ángel dijo:

    Too short // grey trousers

  68. José Ángel dijo:

    when she was 4 years old // when she was 21, she became… // Over the years she has won medals and trophies

  69. José Ángel dijo:

    She is Pepe de Lucia’s daughter / Jose de Lucía’s sister / Paco de Lucia’s niece / a song / was given to her by her aunt … when she was only … / She began her career / She started … / her first / she has been /

  70. José Ángel dijo:

    world music / very strict / In this photo she is wearing a black dress…

  71. José Ángel dijo:

    became her favourite sport // she has taken part // has won // The first time Mireia participated … was in … when she was… // She finished …, Although she was very young she was very good swimmer.

  72. José Ángel dijo:

    who WAS born // he has got mid-lenght wavy brown hair // In this photo he is wearing…, baggy jeans and trainers

  73. José Ángel dijo:

    He IS 39 years old. HIS name is Arpad
    He has been… AS the best … IN the word.
    HE is doing nothing.
    HIS parents are

  74. José Ángel dijo:

    He WAS born. His parents are…
    His name is…
    He started HIS career…
    He,s wearing a suit.

  75. José Ángel dijo:

    You don’t have to insert any photo. What about his physical appearance? He has won…; current tv programmes; when he was 13 years old

  76. José Ángel dijo:

    15th // Pepe de Lucia´s daughter // Paco de Lucía ‘s niece // she has got a brother // Her aunt Reyes gave her … when she was two days old. // She has received many awards // she has got long wavy hair and she has got brown eyes; she has got a small nose but she hasn’t got any freckles

  77. José Ángel dijo:

    In this photo He is riding his horse. What is he wearing?
    Chile in the USA????

  78. José Ángel dijo:

    on the 2nd // he has made some films-movies /// their names are /// what is he wearing?
    a bit short ///

  79. José Ángel dijo:

    on the 13th // He had 1 son and 4 daughters / We was born in Wales /// would helph him // Why was he an important person? // a lot of books for children and adults // How did he look like? // His eyes were green
    What about clothes he is wearing in the photo?

  80. José Ángel dijo:

    was born in … on the 6th // when she was 4 years old // Now Peyton IS 20 //

  81. José Ángel dijo:

    he was born // he worked in a clinic / he is wearing jeans and brown shoes / On the wrist he is wearing a watch /
    what about his physical description?

  82. José Ángel dijo:

    was also ?? a secretary?? they asked him to go to university but he refused // he has continued doing them

  83. José Ángel dijo:

    she is of medium height // dresses up // her favourite ones are // reading and listening to music

  84. José Ángel dijo:

    how he plays basketball // you don’t have to describe him in every picture; just once. You could talk about his hobbies, his family…

  85. Cristina Gutiérez dijo:

    Jeon Jungkook was born on the 1st september of 1997, in Busan, South Korea. He’s singer, dancer, rapper, composer, producer and model. In 2013 he debuted in a group called BTS.
    Jungkook is the youngest of the group. He’s the main vocalist.

    His family is made up of his parents and his oldest brother, his name is Jeon Jung Hyun. Anybody knows the names of they parents.

    At age 13 Jungkook did the test for Superstar K2 but was eliminated in one of the rounds. On his way for home he received the request of 8 different companies, but he decided on Big Hit Entertainment because RM was in that company. At the age of 14, he was taken to Movement Lifestyle (a famous dance academy), for a month, and learned urban dance.

    He’s 21 years old. He’s young, well-build and he’s tall. He’s handsome. He has got short straight black hair. He’s wearing a sunglasses.
    He is wearing a white shirt, black pants and a black jaket too. He’s wearing a black socks and browns shoes. He’s is carrying a black backpack.

  86. Ahinara Villacis dijo:

    I’m going to speak about Malú.
    Malú called María Lucía Sánchez Benítez. She was born 15th of March in 1982 in Madrid.
    Her family are artists. Her uncle was the best spanish guitar player on the world, called Paco de Lucía.
    Her father is a famous singer, called Pepe de Lucía. He loves flamenco.
    In this photo: We can see her prizes. Her music styles are spanish romantic songs, pop and flamenco.
    In this photo: We can see that she has got long wavy, brown hair. She has got a big beautiful mouth. She does not have a big nose but she does not have a small nose. She wears a piercing in her nose.
    In the last photo you can see that she is wearing a black leather jacket. A blue shirt and black leggins. And on her feet wears black heels sandals.
    She loves casual looks.

  87. José Ángel dijo:

    his family in general //
    a bit short

  88. José Ángel dijo:

    a singer, a dancer, a rapper, a composer, a producer and a model
    Everybody knows his parents’ names
    On his way home // well built // he’s wearing sunglasses // he’s wearing black socks //

  89. Angela Garcia dijo:

    ‘m going to talk about alex o’loughlin is an actor who is known for playing the role of Captain Corpeta steve mcgarret in hawaii 5.0. he also had roles in the following films: oyster farmer (2004) and the back up plan (2010) and in the series moonlight (2008) and three rivers (2009).
    He was born in Canberra, Australia but currently lives in Oahu with his children and his wife. In 2002 he graduated from NIDA.
    The first son he had is called saxon that was born on October 25, 1997 and is the result of a relationship of the time. On October 25, 2012 he had his second son named Lion, fruit of his relationship with Maria Jones (model and surfer).
    he’s high, handsome.
    he is forty one years old. he has got short, straight and dark hair. I have got blue eyes. he has got bear but he hasn’t got dimples

  90. José Ángel dijo:

    in the world // she is wearing black heel sandals // She hasn’t got a big nose //

  91. José Ángel dijo:

    was called // he was born // he’s tall // he has got blue eyes // he has got a beard

  92. Yaiza Castillo dijo:

    Amaia is a singer, she is going to represent us in eurovision together with her boyfriend alfred.
    Amaia was born on January 3, 1999 in Pamplona
    She is tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, she is thin and her nose is pointed.
    A winner of a television program called opera trufo.
    Since she was little, her passion was singing and with 11 years old she went to a show called talent show.
    Her hobbies are listening to music of all kinds and her favorite singers are the beatles and marisol also loves to dance flamenco.
    His most famous song is: your song, which will represent España in eurovision

  93. Diego Gómez Alonso dijo:

    Ramón Melendi Espina ( Melendi ) is a Spanish singer from Asturias. He was born in the city of Oviedo in 1980, The songs of his first album made him famous quickly in Spain .
    Melendi was not passionate about music. When he was a child his main hobby was football and he showed that he had enough quality to have a certain future in the practice of this sport .
    He played in different categories of Oviedo football teams .
    In 2001 Melendi started to practicing music with his friends. The name of his band was El Bosque de Sherwood. In 2002 Melendi left this group to start his alone career . His second recording job from the singer was in 2005 and the song “Caminando por la vida” is very famous
    Until now he is one of the best singers in the world .
    He is the middle-aged. He is tall and thin he is handsome he has short straight black he has big eyes he has got a moustache and he hasn’t got a glasses.
    He wears a pair of multicolored jeans and a shirt comes out in a strange pose as if surprised he also wears some leather boots he does not have a watch or wristbands that can be seen .

  94. José Ángel dijo:

    Drake is a Canadian singer // He is from Toronto / in the world / when he was a child he liked acting // He also studied // SHe is a counsellor / He is a drummer //

  95. Manuel Cedenilla dijo:

    Gabriel García Márquez

    Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez, American Spanish: [ɡaˈβɾjel ɣarˈsi.a ˈmarkes] 6 March 1927 – 17 April 2014) was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist, known affectionately as Gabo or Gabito throughout Latin America. Considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century and one of the best in the Spanish language, he was awarded the 1972 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature. He pursued a self-directed education that resulted in his leaving law school for a career in journalism. From early on, he showed no inhibitions in his criticism of Colombian and foreign politics. In 1958, he married Mercedes Barcha; they had two sons. «11»

  96. José Ángel dijo:

    He is middle aged // he has got any glasses // He is wearing; he is also wearing // he hasn’t got

  97. Aitana dijo:

    Kendall was born on November 3, 1995.
    She lived her childhood surrounded by her sisters and her parents.
    Kendall has a sister named Kylie and her sisters the Kardashians. Her family are very famous businessmen.
    His first appearance on television was in 2007 on reality show Keeping Up With Kardashian
    Kendall is a famous businesswoman and model
    It is a brown girl with brown eyes, very beautiful and thin
    In this photo you can see that she loves fashion and in this case she wears a green dress with a baquera jacket and complements some glasses and a bag
    But in this photo she looks a bit different, she went to an event with a beautiful black dress
    She has gone through many catwalks for her beauty and in 2016 she was model of Victoria’s Secret

  98. José Ángel dijo:

    her sisters are the Kardashians // Her family is very famous // they are businessmen // She is a … and slim // she is wearing denin jacket //

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