Morning surprise (a story)

Write the story of how the octopus came to be here, and what happens next.

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Licenciado en Filología Inglesa, Universidad de Salamanca. Profesor de inglés desde 1990. Actualmente profesor en Colegio Salesiano María Auxiliadora.
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  1. Adrián Gutiérrez dijo:

    Once upon a time the captain Javoti who was the sergeant of a ship called Bellavista reached a new location which was called ‘’Coral Castle’’. Right there the octopus had a great vacation every year. By the time of 6:00 p.m the sergeant Javoti reached Coral Castle.

    By the time he arrived with his crew, all the octopus reached the boat to see what was happening. All of them were astonished when they saw Javoti. As soon as he touched the grass from Coral Castle all the octopus that were waiting expectating the event were cheering and clapping with their suction cups. When he got on the ship again to leave, Mandalorian, an octopus reached the entrance of the ship and he got hidden between the cannons.

    To close up, Javoti found Mandalorian in the sink of his kitchen talking in an extrage idiom. He was wearing a war hat which was hidden between the cannons. He also had plants all over his body due to the fact that before entering the ship he was having a bath on the swamp.

  2. Jorge dijo:

    Morning Surprise

    One day like today, a year ago. I went to my kitchen and I found an octopus in the sink. At that moment, without understanding anything, I saw my soon to be kitchen soggy. When I asked him why is soggy he said that I rescued her friend from a horrible place.

    At that time, I remembered that the day before he went to the zoo. Very angry I told him that he couldn’t do that. But very sad he told me that he asked for help. He said that did not understanded what he was saying, but yes what he wanted. He explained to me that to carry out it, he used a hat to camouflage it.

    Finally, I explained to him that maybe he understands what he wants. I told him that he was going to miss her octuos family. He finally understood it, and although sad, we returned him to his house.

  3. Ana Ruiz de Grado dijo:

    I was sleeping when I heard a noise and I decided to go to the kitchen.
    I was completely surprised because there was an octopus in my house, I can’t believe it.

    Some minutes later, I assimilated all the situation but I had a difficult question to answer. I needed the reason why the octopus was here. I decided to speak english to know if I speak the same language as him. I don’t have any answer for him but I don’t give up. I tried with another language, this time the language was french but also he didn’t speak.

    I was thinking why he was there when the octopus said some things that I don’t understand.
    After that, I thought that the octopus came from the sink. He was with some plants that maybe came from the sea like him. He could be with a hat because he came from a wedding, I don’t know.

  4. Lucas dijo:

    He is wearing a hat because he was the sea clown.
    Before he went in the kitchen, he enjoyed little fish and other species with his popular jokes.

    He is speaking english since he is multilingual and he could speak with lots of fish and other idioms like english. In this case, he is saying hello because he is delighted about getting there, out of the sea.

    The plants were from the sea, while he was enjoying eating seaweed, his favourite food, when he was captured and got in the boat.
    In that moment he was scared but now, while he is in the kitchen sink, he feels great seeing human looking at him with a strange face.

  5. Bruno dijo:

    Morning Surprised

    Last day I bought an octopus on the market, I went to my home to spend the rest of the day watching movies or other free time things. I have dinner and a shower. When i went to bed i heard a noise but y dont take importance about it. When I woke up I went to the kitchen and I saw the octopus with the neighbours hat and some seaweed from the aquarium of the living room. Obviously he doesn’t talk our language but he knows sign language. don’t ask me why but he knows. He marks a poster of a game that passes under the sea so I identify that the octopus needs to return to see so I took the bike and I hung on the octopus. I arrived at the beach and I freed the octopus.

  6. Marcos Arroyo Velo dijo:

    There was an amazing day in London, the sun was shining and our octopus was waking up.
    like every single day he went to the job however when he was coming back to hom a ship fished him and took it to a museum in Santander,
    The octopus was depressed so he cries a lot given that he felt of his fishbowl,
    fortunately one man saw it and bang it to his house,
    That man had to go for work in a pizza but his child was alone and saw the octopus so he picked it up to play with him as a toy so the octopus, very angry shooted him with ink given that the child hit him.
    Unfortunately the octopus picked a hat in front of the table to try to don’t felt on the motorbike that he felts.
    The rider of the motorbike sent him to a restaurant, now he lives in a special habitat in the restaurant with his hat and his own algaes.

  7. Lucas Cossio dijo:

    In a morning of 1986 a strange event occurred,two lovers were eating in a famous restaurant in Venice, that day the boy was going to ask her to marry him when suddenly they saw an amazing octopus come out of the water, it was an octopus from another world where animals could talk, the couple went to the octopus and they asked him why he was wearing a hat, the octopus replied that he was doing a magic trick and his powers failed him.
    The couple went home with the octopus to feed him and they put him in the shower, they saw some mysterious plants floating in the water and they asked him why is it in the water , the octopus replied that to went to Venice he had to go from jungles and mountains and that is why it had plants in her body.

  8. Marta dijo:

    Once upon a time a little pink octopus called Rose which had a beautiful brown hat on her head, she was on the Pacific ocean ready for she’s audition to a musical, she was so nervous given that she didn’t know exactly what she was going to perform.

    By the time she entered the stage a strong wind started, Rose was surprised because she wasn’t outdoors, she was holding a chair however the wind grabbed her into a drain. She had a huge headache, so she opened her eyes and realised that she was in a kitchen sink with a enormous amount of plants and she could speak english, she didn’t understand what had happened, so she stayed there for a few minutes and a young girl entered to the kitchen and screamed, because of Rose could speak and the girl could understand too, they became friends.

    A few years later the young girl called Mary and Rose became close friends, they always do everything together and Rose was so thankful to finally found love.

  9. Jose Damián dijo:

    I was calmly walking around my house, and suddenly I felt hungry, so I decided to go to the kitchen to get a couple of cookies.

    I entered the kitchen and the first thing I saw was an animal with eight tentacles in front of me. I don’t know how that bug got into my kitchen, but maybe it came out of my neighbour’s fish tank.
    It wore a hat on your head, but it’s not really a hat, it’s a pot of my holly plant.

    Actually, I think that was not just any octopus because it was speaking to me, and from what it seemed, he was speaking in French because of the accent he had, so I did not understand anything he said.

    I have to say that I did not dare to touch the octopus because it was carrying some plants in its arms, but it was not just any plant, they were brambles, and it pricked too much, so I had to call the fire department to get the octopus out of my home.

  10. Laura dijo:

    The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I was cooking in the kitchen. I was making lunch for my family when the octopus I had bought came out from the shopping bag. I was feeling a bit afraid due to the fact that I definitely didn’t like animals.

    At first, I had brought the octopus and I thought it was just cooked. Not only was it alive but also it was laughing at me. It had reached the kitchen sink thanks to its suckers and it was wearing a funny hat that I used to use as a key-ring. It was like a sign of greeting in its language, like shaking hands in Spain.

    After that, I soon realized that it was able to speak my language, so we had a fascinating conversation about the place where it came from. Plants were growing up from its tentacles because of the heat in my kitchen.

    Finally, it was an unusual experience and a strange way to meet up with someone. However we became friends and now it’s my pet, its name is Octiti!

  11. isaa dijo:

    In my opinion, I believe that the octopus reached the sink through the drain, got trapped and got there,and he was able to stay alive thanks to the water in the sink.the octopus probably wears a hat because it is a fancy octopus and wants to dive with the hat.The octopus is speaking English, so we can communicate with him and ask him questions such as how did he get there, what is he doing there …
    the octopus possibly comes from the sea, since it has plants on its body and has been dragged down a drain or is lost,but since the octopus speaks English, let’s ask him what happened to him.I’m going to catch him and try to return him to the sea, because if he continues in this sink he will not last more than 2 hours alive.I’m going to try to save his life.

  12. Morning surprise (a story) dijo:

    It was the 2nd of April in 2021, and I was getting up from my bed at 8 a.m. The fact is that I listened to a strange sound in the kitchen, so I decided to go and see where it came from.

    When I entered the kitchen, I shouted, from my point of view I think that I got up all the neighborhood. The reason why I did that was because it was a pink octopus inside the kitchen. It was wearing a tiny black hat. So, the first thing I did was to get close to him and ask why he was in the kitchen.

    It told me that a terrible hurricane in his town took him there and he said that he was a magician so he was wearing a hat since it was borned. It spokes and understands my language because of his magician hat. The last thing he told me was where the plants came from, I got very strange because of what he said. But in fact it may be because of his magician tricks.

    Finally I took him in my car to the beach.

  13. Lucas Merino (es la definitiva) dijo:

    I would think that the octopus is there since someone captured it and bringed it to the kitchen, in the kitchen sink. He looks happy because he didn’t realise that he is going to be the lunch of a human.

    He is wearing a hat because he was the sea clown.
    Before he went in the kitchen, he enjoyed little fish and other species with his popular jokes.

    He is speaking english since he is multilingual and he could speak with lots of fish and other idioms like english. In this case, he is saying hello because he is delighted about getting there, out of the sea.

    The plants were from the sea, while he was enjoying eating seaweed, his favourite food, when he was captured and got in the boat.
    At that moment he was scared but now, while he is in the kitchen sink, he feels great seeing humans looking at him with a strange face.

  14. Irene Rivera Esteban dijo:

    One morning, I woke up early because I heard a strange noise in my kitchen, it sounded like a wave on the sea. So I woke up and I went to my kitchen and I found a little octopus in the sink. It was so beautiful, it was pink and small… But something didn’t fit… How did the octopus get there? I was so surprised that I accidentally said it loud and the octopus answered me:
    – Sorry, I don’t speak the same language
    Wait, what!? The octopus is speaking? I’m sleeping?
    – Sorry octopus… What are you doing here?- I asked him
    – I was on the sea and I saw something shining, so I went to catch it and I was so I went to catch and got sucked into a piping
    – Oh! realy? And why are you wearing a hat?- I asked him
    – Well… The piping is so dirty… I took off this hat to be able to pass to a house and now I’m here…
    – Do you want to come back to the sea? If you want, I will take you- I asked
    – Yes, please! I want to come back!
    So finally, I brought him back to the sea

  15. Mario Alonso dijo:

    It was quite a normal morning, when I woke up and such as a normal day, I went to do my breakfast when suddenly I realized that an octopus was in my sink!, he seemed to communicate me something with his tentacles,he was definitely not speaking my language, besides he was wearing a hat , I realized that over my bookshelf, I had a book about octopus and their language , so I picked up and and started reading it, and translating what he was trying to say, after a couple of minutes, I started understanding some words, he has been travelling around the world with an new transport system , it consisted about travelling by the drains although, not many house have a clean drain and some of them have algaes and just my drain was full of algaes, he also communicated me that in his home,usually every octopus is intelligent nevertheless it was not hsi case so he was wearing a hat for looking quite intelligent.
    I spoke with him for hours and he told me many interesting facts about the octopus lives however, his time was consuming and he had to travel many hours to the next house so he waved me goodbye and left me

  16. Diego dijo:

    The octopus is there given that the humans of the house are going to cook him. He is too scared .However is smiling to try to feel sorry and can escape to the house .

    Is wearing a hat given that in his other life was a very important cooker in the seabed it cook to the biggest sharks in the ocean is best food is rice with clams.
    It’s speaking english given that it is a friend of a blowfish that now has 9 languages and it teaches it to say “hello” to give us a good day.
    The plants come from the ocean due to the fact that they catch him when see was eating some plants and he is going to finish it food in the house given that is too hungry and unless it don’t eat he can die of hungry.

  17. Ane dijo:

    It was the 2nd of April in 2021, and I was getting up from my bed at 8 a.m. The fact is that I listened to a strange sound in the kitchen, so I decided to go and see where it came from.

    When I entered the kitchen, I shouted, from my point of view I think that I got up all the neighborhood. The reason why I did that was because it was a pink octopus inside the kitchen. It was wearing a tiny black hat. So, the first thing I did was to get close to him and ask why he was in the kitchen.

    It told me that a terrible hurricane in his town took him there and he said that he was a magician so he was wearing a hat since it was borned. It spokes and understands my language because of his magician hat. The last thing he told me was where the plants came from, I got very strange because of what he said. But in fact it may be because of his magician tricks.

    Finally I took him in my car to the beach.

  18. Guillermo Castilla García 4ºB dijo:


    I was having without a doubt an awful day, due to the fact that I had splitted up with my girlfriend and I had also fallen out with my brother. In brief, it wasn’t my day.
    Moreover, when I came to the kitchen and I saw this ugly and repugnant creature, I couldn’t believe it.
    The strange octopus was on the kitchen sink, and despite my nervousness, I started laughing, owing to the fact that I thought it was a nightmare!
    Where are you from ? And why are you wearing a strange black hat? I said to him.
    At first, I couldn’t understand him, because he was speaking french, so I quickly surfed the internet and I boosted the google traductor.
    I’m here in your gorgeous kitchen, due to the fact that I had escaped from the local market and I didn’t know where I should go! They wanted to eat me! I couldn’t believe that I was wearing a dark hat because customers said that I look better!
    Perhaps, I should have listened to him, however I was a bit sick and I was frightened so I gave the police a ring.

  19. Irene Diego dijo:

    As everyday I woke up this morning at seven am and to my surprise while I was preparing my usual breakfast (butter toasts with apple juice) and I was going to wash my hands, I saw a little octopus standing in my sink, in that moment I screamed as I had ever done. He got scared and tried to hide in his hat. However, this was so little compared to his head.
    After at least ten minutes in silence I decided to talk to him and again he surprised me talking in my language! English! We started a conversation and he told me that he came from the sewer, unfortunately he had some little injuries so I healed them. Continuing with the conversation I discovered that he was from the sea and that was the reason for the seaweeds he got in the arms.
    Finally I decided to take him to the sea again and during the trip he gifted me with his hat, the one he was wearing because of his interests in fashion.

  20. Sebastián dijo:

    Morning Surprise

    One day Milo was going to the kitchen because he had to eat his breakfast and go to work.
    But he had found some unexpected, an octopus, there in the kitchen laundry , he ran away scared because it surprised him ,later when he was quiet he saw the octopus sleeping .
    He had called for his work to be absent because he had a problem.
    He realized that the octopus was waking up , then he asked why it is the octopus here, without knowing that the octopus can speak.
    When the octopus answered him , he was scared because he had never seen an animal talk, the octopus said that he came from pipelines and because the octopus doesn’t have bones he got here.
    Milo saw that the octopus was wearing a hat too, and asked him , ¿why do you have a hat?
    the octopus said that he was going to a party with more octopus and he got lost and the octopus didn’t know how he got here.
    Milo asked why the octopus could speak the same language as him,and the octopus said that he thought that the humans didn’t know how to talk and he was surprised too that they could understand each other. The octopus had some plants on his body and he said that it maybe was because he came from the pipeline .
    Milo said that he could help the octopus to come back to the sea and go to the party .
    The octopus cleaned himself with the water and went with Milo in the car , the trip was very long but they finally reach the sea where they said goodbye.

  21. Jorge dijo:

    Apparently it was a normal day, I had a shower and then I got down stairs, when I got to the kitchen I opened the fridge and took the milk and when I went for a cup it was there.
    The first thing that passed through my head was how did the octopus get to the sink and I supposed that my mother bought it for lunch but, why was wearing a hat?.
    Probably was because it accidentally fell in his head but, why would it be a hat in the kitchen? and then while I was thinking about that the octopus saluted me.

    I couldn’t really understand very well what he was saying. I asked him where he came from and he said that he came from the sewer. He told me that probably I was thinking about where the hat came from and he said that it just fell on his head like I was thinking before.
    Then I asked him why he had garbage in his body and he just said that the sewer is really dirty.
    Before the conversation with the octopus I went another more time to the bathroom and went I came back to the kitchen the octopus wasn’t here

  22. Eva Viñas Portilla dijo:

    I woke up very tired this morning, my body felt heavier than normal. I went downstairs and walked to the bathroom, after washing my face I went to the kitchen just to find a really strange scene.
    There was a pink octopus greeting me with his tentacles! That was really surprising, but the thing was… Why is an octopus in MY kitchen?
    I approached the strange subject and, although it seemed strange, I asked him where he came from. Mysteriously he answered me!
    He spoke english and was really a gentleman. I think he even had a british accent.
    He explained that he was going to a gala party when a strong water stream pushed it down the pipes. He was really upset because his clothes had been lost with the stream and he only had his little hat left and a lot of disgusting seaweed tangled all over his body.
    I felt sorry for him, so I helped him remove the algae from his body and carried him in a large basin of water towards the coast.
    I hope I was able to make it to the party on time.

  23. Jhonny dijo:


    The octopus arrived one morning by draining it and then reaching the scrubber because it deviated from the sea and entered through a very large tubing where it reached the sewer of the city where it reached the tubing of a room.He wears a hat because under the water he was a great business entrepreneur on the seabed and although it seems good it isn’t much because he is a great scammer that is why he could become a successful businessman..He doesn’t speak our language because he only speaks the marine language which is a bit similar to ours but seems to speak as a human baby.The truth is that we do not understand anything because it looks like a small child.The algae comes from the seabed because it tripped before reaching the tubing and didn’t give it much importance.

  24. Adriel dijo:

    It was Tuesday morning, when I woke up, I heard a big sound in the kitchen, I ran there the most quickly I could. When I entered there, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, It was an Octopus in my Sink!

    At first I asked, “How did it get there?”. He answered me in English. “I was swimming around a beach, when a pipe absorbed me!!!”
    I was annoying, I couldn’t believe how an octopus could do that feat. So I started to look at it.

    He was wearing a tiny hat, so I asked to the octopus, “How did it get the hat?” He started to think about it, and when a minute passed, it started to smile, and it started talking about his family, and the origin of the hat was a Gift from his Grandfather.

    Finally, I started to look around the kitchen, it was soiled. A lot of algas were around the kitchen, so I looked at him aggressively, and asked him how it takes the witchen like that.

  25. Ibai dijo:

    Octo was a very unhappy octopus, because he didn’t have a family, when he was a little octopus, a human killed all his family. Octo tried to call the human, but Octo can’t speaks spanish When the human lives on the beach, he found his father’s hat, that it was black with very little alga, which belonged to his grandfather, who caught it on the coral reef. Octo decided to put on his hat and swear revenge on the human who murdered his parents.

    When he has 15 years old, he can walk in the surface, so they decided to serach the murder, and with his father’s hat, he go to the city.

    Octo sneaked through the city’s pipes and entered the houses through the bath, because it was the most accessible point. Octo was losing hope. But, suddenly, on the last try, he went to a big house, he entered. When he saw the kitchen, he was surprised to see her parents in an aquarium on the table. They were live! and when Octo saw them, he said hello! with a smile from ear to ear. He helped them to get up the aquarium. They sneaked on the pipelines and they arrived to the sea, and Octo was very happy

  26. Cecilia Domínguez Tigera dijo:

    Morning surprise. I thought my day was going to be as usual, like the rest of the days, but it wasn’t. I went to the kitchen, and I didn’t expect to see what I saw swimming on the sink. There was a small octopus! I was really surprised because I didn’t know how it got there. When I was still surprised by what had just happened, I heard a small hello. “Who’s there?” I said very scared. “It’s me, the octopus!” it said. I was shocked: the octopus could talk my language! “D-Do you speak my language?”. “Yes! My name is Kevin. I was part of an American experiment, and this hat allows me to speak in every language. What I don’t really know is how I got here” “Well, if you had appeared on the sink, maybe it’s because you were swimming in the sewerage system. It’s a place which smells awful” “Yes! That’s how I got here! And that’s why I also got these seaweeds attached to my body. Can you help me please?” “Of course!” I removed them from Kevin’s body and I cleaned him because he smelled horrible. “Kevin, I’ll get dressed and I’ll return you to the sea, ok?” “Yay! I’ll meet my family again!” I returned Kevin to the sea, and the small octopus with the hat was with his family again.

  27. Rubén dijo:


    The Monday 23 of March, for my surprise, I found an octopus in my kitchen, exactly in the sink.I was very surprised so I yelled for my mother,she gave a startled cry when he saw the octopus and she ran away.
    The octopus made a strange noise, and I said out loud “what is it saying?” and, for my surprise, the octopus said to me “Hi, my name is Sr.Octopus, Octopus for my friends and I’ve come from a faraway place” and I’ve come through the piping.
    I had a lot of questions but firstly the question of HOW HE COULD TALK MY LENGUAJE?
    she said, “all the animals can talk your language, but the humans never listen to us”.
    And by the way, you need to clean your pipings, because as you can see I am full of grass-said the octopus. Ah one question, why you are wearing a little hat?
    the octopus said me that is because it is a doctor, and in his civilisation all the doctors have to wear a hat.

  28. Alba Sernín dijo:

    Morning, it was time to wake up. The sun was already high in the sky making the air dry and the sand hot, Mary was the first one up. It was quite early when Mary had to start to get dressed.

    Firstly, like a usual morning, she went to the kitchen to have breakfast. When she entered the kitchen she suddenly saw an disgusting octopus. She started to think how that horrible animal had climbed.

    “It could be the case that it came up the drain into the sink from the sea” – she said to herself.

    Suddenly her husband entered the kitchen:
    “OMG! What is that?”- he said

    Surprisingly, the octopus was able to talk. Not only it had the capacity to talk, but also said hello in other languages. Under no circumstances can it be denied that it was extremely weird.
    It didn’t speak their language, as a consequence Mary was a bilingual person due to the fact that she had been studying that language in her school, so she was able to understand what the octopus was saying.

    “Hi!”- answered Mary
    “What are you doing here and why do you have plants on your body?”
    “Well, it is a extremely large story however I came up the drain into the sink from the sea, so I have this plants give that they were stuck to me”- said the octopus

    “Well and another thing that I have to say is that I’m wearing a hat due to the fact that I’m the most intelligent person in the world, so I’m wearing it to see extremely clever”

    “WOW! It is too weird”- said Mary

  29. Ángel Vila dijo:


    It was a pretty sunday morning in the Atlantic when a well-looking octopus called Marciano got up. Before he could start his own routine, he had heard a strange noise nearby him. At the same time, there were a couple who were waking up. The man was about to go to the toilet when, suddenly, something ominous occurred.

    The treatment plant was located near the coast and some days before they had announced that if people wanted to go to the toilet, they would have to be careful. So, Marciano, when he heard the noise, went immediately to see what had happened and, unconsciously, he saw himself being dragged by a hard turbine. He went through a tube and he ended up in the couple’s toilet, exactly under the man’s ass. When the man felt the octopus was making a suction cup in his ass, he instantly took a jump and went quickly to the kitchen.

    He called his girlfriend, who was wearing a hat, to help him so that the effort she did to separate the octopus from him meant that the octopus ended up on the sink with her hat in his head and some vegetables on his tentacles which the woman had prepared before the man had the inconvenience. After all, the octopus said hello and, due to the surprise that Marciano was talking, the two of them finally blacked out.

  30. Marcos Fernandez dijo:

    This past Saturday, I got up at 11 as I always went straight to breakfast. When I entered the kitchen I saw something very strange, it was all thrown on the floors and there was a viscous liquid on the floor, I followed the trail and I found an octopus, but not a normal octopus if not a special octopus The octopus could speak and understood me perfectly, he told me that he lived on some rocks on a beach and one day a ship sank and the radiation made the octopus speak
    I asked the octopus how he got here and he told me that when the Coast Guard went to clean up the mess from the sea, they caught him thinking it was a piece of garbage, and they threw him into a container in front of me

  31. Diego Gómez dijo:

    Morning surprise

    One day I woke up and found an octopus in my sink. I don’t know where it came from, but it looks like my neighbor upstairs .
    He seemed very playful, he wore a very small hat his owner would have put it on. He is a surprising octopus, I was scared when he suddenly spoke he began to speak in Catalan but I did not understand it because I do not speak Catalan, he spoke more and more and I continued without understanding what he was saying he had algae but it did not seem strange to me because they will be from the aquarium .As soon as I got it, I put it in a box and took it to its owner. He thanked me very much.

  32. Mario dijo:

    One day, I was in my house and I was walking to the kitchen. Then, I saw an octopus in the sink! The octopus was so big, enormous!
    When I saw it I was surprised, however 5 minutes later it started to do strange things with his tentacles and with his head. I was so worried given that the octopus broke the window so it has the strength to kill me.
    This is the most paranormal thing, the octopus jumped into me and it started to throw ink at me so I didn’t see anything. Later my mom entered the kitchen and stopped the animal because it was eating my head. Thank god I am not dead because it hasn’t big teeth but this experience was so rare.

  33. Sara Ruiz Castillo dijo:

    This morning I got up at 7.30 in the morning and the first thing I did was go to have breakfast, like my morning routine, and I found an octopus in the sink, I was amazed because I don’t know what I was doing. there, and he was very scared. An hour later Paula arrived who had slept with me, but got up before me, then she told me that the neighbor on the other side of the street had gone fishing, and when she came back she told me that they had given it to her because she had a lot of fish It was quite funny because neither she nor I knew it was so big, because on top of that the whole kitchen had been filled with water.

  34. Aroa Conde dijo:

    One normal and ordinary day in the morning an octopus was in a sea in which there was a large pipe that leads to the houses of much of Santander, at seven in the morning my alarm sounded because like a normal day I had to go to class, I woke up and like any other day I got dressed, I went to the kitchen to have a colacao with cookies for breakfast and when I went to the bathroom I saw a small pink octopus in the sink with some seaweed that I brought from the sea and a hat that I unknown from where it had appeared, I spoke to him saying what are you doing here? And without knowing how he answered me in my language I started talking to him, after that I went to class and to come back I was still there so I took him and took him to the sea so I could live happily

  35. Sandra dijo:

    Was a normal morning and I woke up as always, I proceeded to go to the kitchen to have breakfast all the same as every morning, but suddenly some very strange noises were heard in the shopping bag, I decided to look out of the bag with fear and when I saw jump from the fright, it was an octopus with a hat, I thought I was dreaming so I decided to ask my mother to see if she saw it too, but she said no, that if I was hesitating, I started to worry because she thought I was He was going crazy and the best thing was that he could fly, as his hair had flowers and he spoke in a very strange language, rather he communicated with sounds, he began to turn a very strange color and I put him in water, he began to recover his color rose and its flowers went from being withered to returning to their green color. I had to go to school and leave him in a bucket with water, when I got home he had grown up and I did not enter my house, he grew and grew and I began to suffocate, then I woke up and luckily it had all been a dream.

  36. Marina Frías dijo:

    One morning,about two years ago,I woke up and I came to my kitchen.At that time I saw an octopus in my sink.I felt really scared and surprised.
    At that moment it started to talk to me and asked me where he was,without understanding anything I answered him.

    He told me that he was lost and he was trying to come back home.It explained me that he came from very far place and it got lost because it was travelling to see his family that lives in another country but the tide but the tide carried him to the sea,because of that he have plant around his body.When it was on the shore two people caught him and took him to the zoo.

    Last night he escaped from there through the pipes and it ended at my kitchen.It asked me for help,It told me if I can carry him to the sea to come back home.
    I did what it asked me to do,it was very grateful and it told me that it will come to visit me sometimes.

  37. Antonio dijo:


    This octopus was called steve and I met him on Wednesday January 17th in the bathroom of my grandfather’s house while I was taking a shower.

    I went to talk to him and for my surprise he spoke Spanish, he told me that he knew how to speak all the languages ​​of this planet, my first question was why he was wearing a hat and plants on his head and his answer was: I come from a third world the Which humans do not know and there a symbol of respect is to wear a hat, and the plants are because I collide with them when coming through the pipes.
    When I went to get out of the shower Steave was gone.

  38. briggith dijo:


    One day I woke up and suddenly I found an octopus in the sink, I was scared, but I approached it and it seemed super cute with a brown hat that had some plants on top,
    I didn’t understand what the octopus was telling me but I was very scared but my friend did understand me. I decided to help him, so I went to the mall and bought him a fish tank so he could be safe, I think he could have gotten there through the sewers and that came full of plants So I got it for keeping it and all my family fell in love with him and we were very happy

  39. Carmen Vía dijo:

    One morning in another part of the world, a girl woke up
    because she hears a strange noise in a mysterious part of his house, she walks slowly and scared looking for his house, she looks in the room, in the bathroom, in the garden, and finally she goes to the kitchen. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at at that moment, in front of her was a pink octopus and … with a hat?
    -hey little human -said the pink octopus- I come here because I felt that you are sad and I have a gift for you
    -What a gift -he says finally
    -That is a magical plant, it is a plant from the lower part of the ocean and if you use it on your wrist, good things will come to you.
    After that the pink octopus disappears and inexplicably after that moment only all the good things come into her life

  40. Christian Gutiérrez del Río dijo:

    One morning I went to the kitchen to have breakfast and I found an octopus in the sink, he was wearing a hat because he was the head of a tribe of octopuses that were dedicated to walking through the ocean, that night he distanced himself from the tribe and he lost and as he spoke my language he told me that an animal that was attacking him began to chase him and to flee from him he got into the pipe and went up to the kitchen of my house, the plants he has are due to getting through the pipe he got caught with some seaweed and in order to get loose he had to cut them and took them with him to avoid wasting time, and this is the story of how an octopus appeared in my kitchen.

  41. Paula Alvarado Abad dijo:

    One day, when I woke up to go to school, I went to the kitchen and had breakfast, but something strange happened, I heard strange noises, but didn’t give importance. I went to my room to get ready when noises rang out again, scared I returned to the kitchen,I couldn’t believe it! There was a pink octopus in the sink!

    When I saw him I didn’t understand anything, how did he get here? What was he doing in my kitchen? I had many questions, I approached the octopus, he told me to calm down, that he was not going to hurt me, he was simply lost and he did not know what he was doing there either.

    He explained to me that all his history, his name was Popy, he wore a hat since it was magical, he lived at the bottom of the sea, he explained to me that with my help he could return home, so I helped him and did everything he asked and magically disappeared

  42. andrei panco dijo:

    Morning Surprise
    One sunday I woke up, like always I went to my kitchen to ate my breakfast, then I heard someone or anybody say hello and I remembered that I was alone at home. At that moment I felt the true terror, I started looking everywhere and suddenly I saw an octopus in my sink.

    So I remembered that my mother went to buy octopus to make some squid
    I looked it up and down and I saw a hat and some plants.
    At that moment my mother wrote me and told me that she bought me a charlie Chaplin costume, but she couldn’t find the hat, I decided the plants come from the site of the octopus came from.

  43. jaime dijo:

    Morning Surprise.
    One summer morning I woke up and I saw an octopus in my kitchen. The pulp told me that he found a magical fairy who granted him 1 wish which was the power to fly.But he was chased by his arch-enemy, Serafín the dolphin, who had also been granted the power to fly. He had an accident and cut 3 of his legs, ending up in my sink. Then at that moment I heard noises in the street. The seraph dolphin was giant and it was destroying everything! The octopus with 5 legs explained to me that he could defeat him but he needed to see someone. They went to see his grandfather, the Patichuelo lizard, and gave him powers. When they returned to the city after visiting the octopus’s grandfather, the city was almost destroyed but the octopus, with its 5 legs, hit him with a punch that sent him back into the sea, nullifying his super powers, after that the octopus told me what What gave powers was the hat he was wearing.Then he said goodbye to me and we never saw each other again.

  44. anthea dijo:

    One winter day I got up quietly when I went to breakfast, because I was starving and suddenly I found an octopus in the sink, I was quite surprised by what I started screaming like a madwoman, it was something surprising. My mother came running And I wonder what happens to you Anthea and my mother was surprised. She did not move, she was still and in her tentacles she had them with a kind of plants on top, which was something surprising, my mother wondered where it came from.
    The weirdest thing was that he was wearing a hat, I thought it was coming from a performance with some famous person and he had escaped from a circus or something like that. Suddenly he said I am the delighted Juan octopus, but the worst thing is that he said it In French, we understood it because my mother speaks French. Another strange thing was the plants, although that surely comes from acting, it is like a kind of suit my mother and I went to look for something to make her but suddenly we arrived and she had vanished.
    it was an experience surprise you



    The octopus lived in the Cantabrico’s sea and he wearing a hat because he said that he’s more beautiful. One day he want to discover the place and he go to the beach. The beach named Sardinero and the octopus when he went to the beach, he ate fish of the place but when he stayed in the beach, the octopus didn’t speak spanish and he saw a pipeline and got in for her and he finished the travel when he showed up in a kitchen where live Victor’s family and the octopus had a plants because the pipiline had a lot of plants and when Victor went to the kitchen he was surprised for saw the octopus in his kitchen and he adopt it and lived they for all the time.

  46. Nayara dijo:

    Morning surprise!
    When i get up in the morning i found a octopus in the kitchen.I don’t know why he’s wearing a hat maybe is a pank of my boyfriend.

    It’s purple, I love his color but now I have to clean all the kitchen and it is very disgusting.
    The octopus try to speak with myself but i don’t understand i think he speak in french them my boyfriend told me it was to eat but I feel sorry to him.

    Finally, I talk with my boyfriend and and we discussing a lot we are going to keep it like a pet he is not very convinced because he says that an octopus is not a pet and that it would still live happier in the sea but I prefer to keep it and not eat it.

    The plants can with the octopus there are sea plants

  47. virginia dijo:

    I got up in the morning. As I was going down the hall to the bathroom, I saw an octopus bathing in the bathtub in my bathroom.He was taking a relaxing foam bath. I saw that the window is open and with marks.The octopus wore a small black hat with a feather.The octopus spoke and told me that his whole family wore that hat.I was impressed that the octopus spoke my language, it was incredible.the octopus stared at the large bouquet of flowers on the table. It was a bouquet that I bought for decoration in a florist.

  48. Paul dijo:

    The octopus will live in the sea, nearly to santander. One day he saw a goldfish, started chasing him to play with him, the goldfish got into a gigant tube, he chased him down the tube, there was a lot of trash in trash, plants stuck to it until I reached an exit. that exit was very narrow but he got inside and came to a place that was strange for him, it was like a kitchen, a person saw him in the sink and began to scream, some people came with a stick that had a rope. They took him to a dark place where there was a giant fish tank. When they were examining him he said “hello”, all the people there were surprised, they the octopus explained that when he was born he was in a laboratory where they did tests and experiment and in one of those experiments he began to speak, They took him to the sardinero beach and threw him into the sea.

  49. Jesús dijo:

    Morning Surprised

    When I wake up , every morning I go to the kitchen, this morning i go to breakfast when i see an octopus in the desk kitchen.The octopus is very big and ugly and he has plant above this tentacles and head.Immediately i’m thinking how the octopus arrived here.I think that he lives in the cloaca and arrived here a cross the tubing of the dishwasher. Definitely he arrived here across the tubing and now he was in my kitchen. I pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.The octopus started to move around the kitchen and I got the knife and I hit this and he died .

  50. Claudia Valdez dijo:

    In the morning I got up like any other day, I looked at the clock that said eight thirty, I was late! I ran down the stairs of my house to have breakfast quickly, but the surprise was great when an octopus was found on top of the dishwasher, the water was overflowing and the octopus had a smile drawn on its face and some plants around its tentacles with a hat on top of his head; I was speechless, and when the octopus gave a ‘hi’ I yelled. Suddenly the octopus spoke, in my language, I didn’t know that the octopus spoke in English. Don’t be afraid- he said, he couldn’t get a word out. I am Fred, I am a magician in my town, I have had a problem with teleportation and these vines have got caught on me, I had to get to the beach with mine but suddenly I have appeared in this kind of puddle and I cannot get out- he continued. You need help-I replied.

  51. Ángela dijo:

    Morning surprise

    It was a pretty normal day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and Lucy was waking up at 9 o’clock like other days.
    Lucy had to start to dressed a very new purple T-shirt and a pair of shorts.
    The she went to the kitchen to have breakfast.
    After an hour Lucy started to wash her plate, suddenly the sink started to get stuk, a tentacle peeked out, Lucy jumped as well as she was very scared.
    The octopus say Hi, I was in shock, the octopus started to slide through the kitchen.
    The octopus said to Lucy that it was running away from a person who wanted to kill him.
    Lucy asked it why it was wearing a hat as well as plants.
    The octopus said that it stole the things from his owner.
    Lucy and the octopus became close friends moreover they lived together forever.

  52. Ana Lucía Guerra dijo:

    Today i’m Gonna tell you about Matildo he is a peculiar octopus he come to my house to tell me that we need to take care of our planet
    This story begins on the morning of may 4 of 2004 I was waking up and I suddenly got into the kitchen. I surprised myself when I saw a small animal on my dinner table.I try to speak english with him but i give up and i realize that he didn’t speak english.I realize that he was drowning and immediately I took a plastic bowl and tried to put it there.I tried to talk him n spanish because i don’t know what language he speak but this worked.So i was talking with him and he tell me why is he wearing a hat he said me that his parents give him.He also tell me that he came from the ocean because i ask why he was covered of plants.Then i tried to carry it to his home and he live happily

  53. Ismael dijo:

    One day in the morning, I got up and I went downstairs to go to the kitchen for breakfast. Upon arrival, I found a big surprise: there was an octopus in the sink. The octopus was looking at me, and it was wearing a hat on his head. On the hat there was a very strange plant.

    Next to the sink is a window, and it was open when I got there, so I thought he would have come in that way.

    Suddenly, the octopus started talking, but I didn’t understand what he was saying because he was speaking in another language. the octopus realized that, and pointed one of its tentacles to some plants that were next to the window. I peeked out and saw another octopus trapped in the plants. The octopus and I help the other octopus out of the plants. When they got together again, the other octopus told me that they were in the snow, and that was why they were wearing a hat, and that an avalanche took them there. The octopuses left and I had breakfast.

  54. Inés dijo:

    One night at dawn, I got up to the kitchen to drink water, I was almost asleep and when I turned on the light I was scared, there was an octopus in the sink.
    I could not believe it, I was very scared and on top of that I did not like fish at all. But running, I called my parents, they too were scared but they told me that nothing was wrong.
    He was wearing a hat because he had been looking at all my costumes and he had liked the hat so he decided to put it on.
    He spoke Spanish and it was very funny because he had an Andalusian accent.

  55. José Ángel dijo:

    Tentáculos: tentacles
    Idioma: language
    He had been having
    The plural of 🐙 is octopuses 🐙🐙

  56. José Ángel dijo:

    There is a window

  57. José Ángel dijo:

    He came home to tell …
    tried … but I gave up… realized
    talk to him
    didn’t know what language he was speaking
    he told why he was wearing
    he said to me
    his parents had given it to him
    he also told me
    covered with
    lived happily

  58. José Ángel dijo:

    instead other days, everyday
    got dressed. She put on …
    get stuck
    said hi
    close friends, moreover

  59. José Ángel dijo:

    got up this morning … an octopus
    tried to speak with me but I didn’t anything.
    didn’t know why he was wearing. Maybe it was … from
    spoke French. Then…the octopus was to be cooked for lunch and I felt sorry for it
    and we discussed … about keeping it as a pet, but my boyfriend didn’t agree because he said …

  60. José Ángel dijo:

    there was a pink
    for her audition
    she was holding a chair. However…
    an enormous
    entered the kitchen
    close friends. Nowadays they … is so thankful for finally having found love


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